Exceptional Student Education Parent Advisory Committee

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is composed of parents, educators, administrators, business representatives, and other interested community members concerned with the education of students with disabilities.

The purpose of the committee is to provide information to parents and input to district staff regarding our ongoing effort to continuously improve services for students with disabilities.

All 2023/2024 meetings will be held via a virtual platform.
A link to join these meetings will be emailed prior to meeting date and will be posted on district and school websites.


ESE Parent Advisory Committee Meeting Notes (2023-2024)


4/9/2024 – The Link Between Language Age and Behavior


2/6/2024 – Literacy Beyond Boundaries:  Exploring Free Resources Available to St. Johns County Residents – Tutoring, E-books, Language Courses, Summer Programs, Bookmobile and More

Powerpoint: Library Presentation – SCJSD 02.06.2024


12/5/2023 – Strategies Parents And Caregivers Can Implement To Address Anxiety Related Symptoms In Their Students

Powerpoint: Anxiety Related Strategies for Parents 2023



10/3/2023 – University Of Florida Health Jacksonville – Discretionary Projects At No Cost To Families

PowerPoint: UF Health Jacksonville Discretionary Projects


ESE Parent Advisory Committee Meeting Notes (2022-2023)


4/4/2023 – Improving Mental Wellness In Children And Families

PowerPoint: Improving Mental Wellness in Children & Familieshttps://vimeo.com/816887594/fd1c3e1619

2/7/2023 – Transition Planning For 18 To 22 Year Olds

PowerPoint: Transition Planning for 18 to 22

12/6/2022 – Educational Surrogate Parent Training

PresentersFlorida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System/Northeast Florida Educational Consortium (FDLRS/NEFEC)

Date/Time12/6/2022 from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm via webinar

GoalTo train volunteers to serve as an Educational Surrogate Parent for a SJCSD student with a disability whose parents’ rights have been terminated or whose parent cannot be located.  An Educational Surrogate Parent only makes educational decisions for a student with a disability.  An Educational Surrogate Parent does not take care of the child and is not financially responsible for the child.

10/4/2022 – Connecting Families to Community Resources

PowerPoint: St John’s Behavioral Consortium Family Night

ESE Parent Advisory Committee Meeting Notes (2021-2022)


5/3/2022- Conscious Discipline– Social & Emotional Learning, Part 2

5/3/2022- Conscious Discipline– Social & Emotional Learning, Part 1

1/11/2022- Transition Planning for 18 TO 22 Year Olds: Begins Age 12

Transition Planning for 18 to 22

11/9/2021- FDLRS / NEFEC Information, Trainings & Supports Available To Parents Of Students With Disabilities

ESE Parent Advisory Committee Meeting Notes (2020-2021)


4/6/2021 – Solutions To Help Children Cope With Stress

PowerPoint Presentationhttps://vimeo.com/545141938/21d3f4ff75

3/2/2021 – Anxiety: Diagnostic Criteria, Symptoms, & Strategies

Sarah Dew-Reeves Anxiety PowerPoint SJCSD

2/2/2021 – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Diagnostic Criteria, Symptoms, & Strategies

PowerPoint Presentation 2-2-2021

1/5/2021- Guardianship: How To Best Protect Your Child When He Or She Turns 18

11/10/2020 – Stress Management For Caregivers Of Students With Disabilities

10/6/2020 – Accessing Our Community’S Social Services And Supports For Children And Families

St. Johns Accessing Care Slide for Posting 10-6-2020

9/8/2020 – Addressing Students’ Educational Needs During A Pandemic

ESE Parent Advisory Committee Meeting Notes (2019-2020)


3/3/2020 – Behavioral & Educational Strategies For Students With Adhd – Part 2

Homework_Contract_for_Middle-Schoolers_and_High-Schoolers_Understood Backpack_Checklist_for_Younger_Kids_Understood
StudentSelf-Advocacy Checklist

2/4/2020 – The ABC’s of ADHD – Part 1


1/7/2020 – Keeping Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Safe


11/5/2019 – Pursuing Deep Work: Leaving the Shallows to Create Values

Pursuing Deep Work

10/1/19 – The Principles of Reading Development, What Can Go Wrong and What You Can Do

Reading Disorders SJCSD Parent Group 10.1.2019

ESE Parent Advisory Committee Meeting Notes (2018-2019)


5/7/2019 – Guardianship: How To Best Protect Your Child With Disabilities When He Or She Turns 18

Guardianship Introduction – 2019 Presentation

4/2/2019 – Behavior Management and Social Emotional Development

Parenting, Discipline and the Oppositional Child –  St. Johns County Schools

3/5/2019 – Raising Stuggling Learners to Be Successful, Durable and Resilient

SJCSD Parent Presentation on Raising Resilient Kids

2/12/2019 – Brooks Rehabilitation Pediatric Recreation, a free program (birth – 17)

Brooks Rehabilitation – Pediatric Recreation
General Class Flyer

1/8/2019 – Strategies to Assist Children To Cope with Anxiety

Pediatric Anxiety Disorders – Home based Strategies

12/4/2018 – Concussion and the Impact on Learning: A Team Approach

Concussion Program Structure

10/2/18 – Annual Transition Planning

Transition PAC 10.2.18
OCT LIFE Creekside 2018
General_APD_Presentation V2

ESE Parent Advisory Committee Meeting Notes (2017-2018)


2/6/2018 – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

St. Johns ADHD Presentation

1/16/2018 – Facilitated IEP Training for Parents


12/05/2017 – Actively Participating in the Response to Intervention (RtI) Process & Interpreting Psychological Reports

Response to Intervention MTSS
Understanding the Evaluation Process

10/10/2017  – Transition Services: From School to Community

Transition PAC 10-10-17
Career Transition VR brochure

Transition Brochure VR
Checklist VR
VR application
FDDC Connections Resource

FDDC Postsecondary Education Guide

Graduation requirements 

Fill in notes

APD Application
Secondary Transition Roadmap for Families

FDDC Planning Ahead Guide


ESE Parent Advisory Committee Meeting Notes (2016-2017)


2/7/2017 – Intercepting Test Anxiety:  Preparing for FL Standards Testing


12/13/2016 – Transition Services


10/4/2016 – What Are SibShops?


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