School Board Rules Manual

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(Due to repeals and additions, rules are not numbered consecutively)

Recently approved rules are marked with a


1.01 Mission Statement



2.01 Responsibilities and Authority of the Board
2.02 Organization, Membership and Officers of the Board
2.04 School Improvement Teams
2.041 Head Start Council
2.05 Board Meetings
2.06 School Board Rules
2.061 Staff Review of Rules
2.07 Public Notice, Legal Advertisements, and Community Contact List
2.08 Collective Bargaining Agreements
2.09 School Improvement and Education Accountability
2.091 Family and School Partnership for Student Achievement
2.10 Program of Awards
2.11 Participation in Activities
2.12 Legal Services
2.15 Administration and School Board Plans
2.16 Prohibition of Discrimination, Including Sexual and Other Forms of Harassment
2.17 Reporting Child Abuse
2.18 Individuals with Communicable Diseases



3.01 Responsibilities of Superintendent
3.011 Performance Grade Schools
3.02 Responsibilities of Principals
3.03 Emergencies
3.05 District Organization
3.06 Campus Disorders and Trespassing
3.07 Charges for Copies of Public Records
3.08 Copyrighted Materials
3.09 Moment of Quiet Reflection
3.10 Flag Display, Pledge of Allegiance and Florida State Motto
3.11 Agents, Solicitors and Salespersons
3.12 Public Records
3.13 School Volunteers
3.15 Alcohol and Drugs
3.16 Charter Schools
3.18 School Calendar and School Day
3.19 School Site Decision Making
3.20 HIV, Aids, or Other Communicable Diseases, Bloodborne Pathogens and Environmental Hazards
3.21 Prohibiting Bullying and Harassment
3.22 Use of Service Animals
3.23 Recording Non-Public Meetings with Employees of the District



4.01 Student Progression Plan
4.02 The Curriculum
4.03 Exceptional Student Education
4.051 Field Trips
4.06 Student Clubs and Organizations
4.07 Student and School Publications
4.08 Public Appearance of School Groups
4.09 Athletics
4.10 Adult Education
4.11 Allocation of Instructional Materials
4.12 Instructional Materials Selection
4.13 Educational Media Materials Selection
4.131 School Library Media Services
4.132 Objection to Library Materials
4.14 Non-School Extracurricular Trips and Travel
4.15 District and State-Wide Assessment Plan
4.16 Security of Tests
4.17 Procedure for Contesting Adoption of Instructional Materials
4.171 Objection to Instructional Materials
4.18 Homeless Students Policy
4.19 Home Education Program



5.02 Non-Discriminatory Admission of Students
5.03 Student Attendance Zones and Assignments
5.04 Student Attendance
5.041 Release Time for Religious Instruction
5.05 Requirements for Original Entry
5.08 Admission to Post-Secondary Vocational Programs
5.09 Granting Permission for Students to Leave the School Campus
5.10 Student Control and the Code of Student Conduct
5.11 Student Detention, Search, and Seizure
5.12 Expulsion of Students
5.13 Zero Tolerance for Crimes and Victimization
5.14 School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting (SESIR)
5.15 Administration of Medication During School Hours
5.151 Medical Marijuana
5.16 Eye Protection Devices
5.17 Student Injuries
5.18 Legal Name of Student
5.19 Education Records
5.20 Student Directory Information
5.22 Teacher Removal of Student from Classroom
5.24 Parental Access to Information
5.26 Dating Violence and Abuse
5.27 Hazing Prohibited



6.10 Employment Definitions and Categories
6.101 Employment of Personnel
6.102 Nondiscrimination in Employment
6.103 Educational Requirements and Professional Development
6.104 Background Screening
6.105 Probationary Status for New Employees
6.106 Expectation of Ethical Conduct for Instructional and Administrative Personnel
6.11 Physical Examinations
6.111 Transportation Employee Drug, Alcohol, and other Driver Screening
6.12 Year of Service Defined for Administrative, Instructional and Non-Instructional Personnel
6.131 Teaching Out-of-Field
6.16 Substitute Teachers
6.17 Certification of Instructional Employees
6.171 Non-Certified Instructional Personnel
6.172 Employment of Vocational and Adult Instructional Personnel Based on Occupational Experience or Alternative Qualifications
6.173 Private Tutoring for Compensation
6.18 Contracts with Instructional, Administrative, and Non-Instructional Employees
6.20 Leave of Absence
6.21 Terminal Pay of Sick Leave
6.22 Sick Leave Bank
6.23 Effective Date for Leave, Suspension, or Termination
6.231 Holiday Pay
6.24 Health Insurance Premiums – Leave or Retirement
6.25 Resignations and Retirements
6.30 Compensation
6.40 Violation of Law
6.41 Nepotism
6.42 Records and Reports
6.45 Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace
6.46 Political Activities of Employees
6.50 Grievance Procedure for Employees
6.51 Complaints Against Employees
6.52 Suspension and Dismissal
6.53 Professional Misconduct Reporting
6.80 Personnel Files
6.81 Assessment of Employees
6.82 Use of Electronic Media for School Purposes
6.83 Acceptable Use Policy for Employee Use of District Electronic Communications System
6.84 Employees’ Use of Social Network Websites



7.01 School District Budget System
7.011 Lottery Trust Fund Allocations
7.02 Guidelines for Administering the District Budget
7.021 Facsimile Signatures
7.03 Lease and Lease-Purchase of Land, Facilities and Equipment
7.04 Bonds or Insurance Required
7.05 Internal Funds
7.051 Cooperative Activities
7.052 Gifts, Bequests, and Donations
7.06 School Food Service Funds
7.07 Financial Records
7.08 Inventories and Property Records
7.081 Management of Textbooks and Related Instructional Materials
7.09 Acquisition of Land for School Use
7.11 Lost or Stolen Property
7.12 Audits
7.121 Fraud
7.13 Delegation of Authority to Contract
7.14 Purchasing and Procurement Policies
7.141 Selecting Professional Services
7.142 Background Screening of Noninstructional Contractors
7.143 * Online Educational Services Agreements/Contracts
7.15 Payment of Vouchers/Invoices
7.16 Payroll
7.17 Authorized Travel Expenses
7.18 Indebtedness Created Against the School Board
7.19 Fund-Raising Activities
7.20 Investment of Funds
7.21 Risk Management Insurance
7.22 Electronic Funds Transfers and Payments



8.01 Safety of Pupils, Employees and Visitors
8.02 Toxic Substances in School Work Areas
8.03 Facility, Fire Safety and Security Risk Inspections and Assessments
8.04 Emergency Evacuation Drills
8.05 Emergency Disaster
8.07 Active Assailant Response Plan
8.08 School Threat Assessment Teams
8.09 Maintenance
8.10 Sanitation
8.11 Infection and Control Guidelines
8.13 Student Transportation
8.14 Automotive Equipment
8.15 Bus Routes
8.16 Bus Emergency Evacuation Drills
8.18 License of School Bus Driver
8.19 Vehicle Maintenance Program
8.211 Use of School Buses for Field Trips and Extracurricular Activities
8.212 Use of School Buses by Non-School Groups
8.22 Safety Belts
8.23 General Food Service Requirements
8.25 Free and Reduced Price Meals
8.251 Competitive Food Sales
8.26 Records Retention and Disposal
8.27 School Construction Bids
8.271 Construction Bid Protest
8.272 Prequalification of Contractors for Educational Facilities Construction
8.28 Change Orders
8.29 Improvements to School Plants and Grounds
8.30 Renovations or Remodeling of Facilities
8.33 Technology Plan
8.34 Information Technology
8.35 Energy Management Conservation
8.36 Workplace Safety
8.37 Safety and Security Best Practices



9.01 Parent Organizations and School Support Groups
9.02 Public Information
9.021 Civility
9.03 Annual School Report
9.04 Community Use of School Board Property
9.041 Tobacco and Tobacco Products
9.043 Political Activity in the Schools
9.05 Advertising in Schools
9.051 Broadcast Rights
9.06 Distribution of Literature and Materials


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