Professional Development & Employee Evaluations

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Professional Development Vision
Within each school and department, SJCSD will develop leadership and build capacity to design, deliver and support high quality professional development which enhances the knowledge, skills, dispositions and practices of employees to ensure that all students perform and achieve at the highest levels.

Empowering Excellence in Educators Empowering Excellence in Educators Professional Development on Inside SJCSD

⇒Instructions for Accessing and Completing Safeschools Annual Videos 2020-2021 SY⇐

SWD Point Opportunities for Certificate Renewal (Every five years, we must earn 20 Points specific to teaching Students With Disabilities)

Which Courses Count towards the SWD Certification Renewal?

Reading Point Opportunities for Certificate Renewal

Certification 40 Reading Pts. Renewal- Who Needs Them and When?

(This is currently the ONLY course available that meets this requirement.)       To Receive Credit:  Register for and Compelte the Course through FDLRS/NEFEC.  Acquire the Certificate of Completion.  Register in BusinessPlus.  Upload your Certificate of Completion in BusinessPlus.

Other PD Opportunities

New opportunities to earn inservice points are regularly added in BusinessPlus and are posted on the Professional Development Calendar located at:

Follow the directions in the document below to add the PD Calendar to your Outlook Calendar for easy access!

Professional Development Calendar Instructions

FREE FOR ANYONE: Capella University Online Courses* to receive inservice credits, upload the certificate of completion or a professional learning log with documents in BusinessPlus.

FREE FOR ANYONE: CORWIN Publishing Free Webinar Schedule * to receive inservice credits, upload the certificate of completion or a professional learning log with documents in BusinessPlus.

Flyer SJCSD Fall Teach-In 2020         Some topics include:  Classroom Management:  Tips and Tricks; Human First Education, Nearpod; Differentiation;  Teaching in a Dual Platform Classroom (Brick-and-Mortar and Distance learners), How to Keep Students Engaged in Learning

Endorsement Courses:  ESOL, Reading, Gifted, ASD

Endorsement Courses Overview

Instructions for Requesting Endorsement Course Credit for College Courses

SJCSD ESOL Offerings 2020-2021 SY



GIFTED Endorsement Course Offerings- NEFEC–    *You MUST register for these on the NEFEC website – then on BusinessPlus- we qualify for the NEFEC District Price for these courses only

18 Hour ESOL course for SLPs  (Log In and Select English Language Learners for Therapists)

ASD Endorsement – FDLRS/NEFEC

Alternative Sources for Professional Learning  

*Please note that coursework is accepted from these organizations; however, the costs associated are the responsibility of the participant.*

FDLRS – Florida Diagnostic Learning & Resources System  Send certificate of completion.

NEFEC – North East Florida Educational Consortium  Send certificate of completion.

Uf Literacy Institute  Send certificate of completion.

Early Learning Center FLDOE  Send certificate of completion.

FACTE for CTE teachers ONLY  Send certificate of completion.

Beacon Educator (No ESOL, Reading, Gifted, ASD, nor SWD Points may be accepted from this organization) This is an Out-of-County offering and a Professional Learning Log with all documents must be submitted for any general poinjts to be considered. 6/30/2020

The Schultz Center (No Gifted, ASD, nor SWD Points may be accepted from this organization)   Send certificate of completion.    6/30/2020