Schedule & Pay for Fingerprinting

Important Notice

An individual who is the subject of a “National Background” check and has a question related to his/her background check regarding:

  • a copy of that report
  • Need to request a change
  • Has a record challenge
  • Needs to update FBI identification record

Please contact the FBI directly at the following phone number.

(304) 625-5590
visit the FBI website

Fingerprinting will be by appointment made on line only and will be conducted for clearance required to work in St. Johns County Public Schools.
The information requested on the scheduling site is required by FDLE/FBI in order to process State/National criminal search.
To schedule your fingerprinting appointment, please visit  payment will be accepted by credit card only.

How to Schedule a Fingerprinting Appointment

When it is time for a new hire/college student to be fingerprinted, please read the instructions below and then log onto the website to schedule an appointment.

Create a secure username/password and enter the system.
Under Useful Links, select Schedule an Appointment
Below under Reason For Fingerprinting
Enter the appropriate code below.

Please note: the Fieldprint Code IS case sensitive

  • Educator Certificate/Sub Teachers/ Counselors/Speech Language Pathologist/Adjunct Coach-Assistant/ Paraprofessionals/Tutors Fieldprint Code:  FPStJohnsCertEmp
  • Support Employees/ Nurse/Custodian/Maintenance/Food Service/Clerk/Aide/Managerial/Fieldprint Code: FPStJohnsSupportEmp             
  • College Internship/Practicum/Field Experience Fieldprint Code: FPStJohnsCollegeIntern
  • SJCSD Day Cares/ Extended Day Employees  Fieldprint Code: FPStJohnsDCF
  • Under Fieldprint Code, insert the chosen code
  • Complete all required fields as requested
    • The information requested on the scheduling site is required by FDLE/FBI in order to process the criminal search. 
    • Select a local collection facility and schedule an appointment. Instructions, directions, maps, and photos will all be provided directly online.
    • Note: Effective January 1, 2019 fingerprint fees are $64.25 for SJCSD Day Care workers(Ext Day), and $56.75 for all others (Teachers, Sub Teachers, Adjuncts, Managerial, College Students). If the appointment is missed, there is a fee of $15.00 to reschedule.  If you have any questions please contact Vicky Eidsmoe in Human Resources at
      (904) 547-7611 or at [email protected]

You can also, for questions or concerns can contact the Fieldprint Customer Service Team at (800) 799-1067 or at [email protected].

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