Mental Health & Wellness Portal

Please view our school district’s new Mental Health and Wellness Portal which offers valuable information and links to helpful resources on a wide range of mental health related topics.

Instructional Continuity Plan

Parents and Guardians – please visit our Online Learning website to learn more about distance learning for elementary and secondary students.

Schoology Information for Parents

Get your questions answered about St. Johns County School District’s learning management system, Schoology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll my child in school?
School enrollment information can be found on our Student Services Department website. It lists the necessary requirements to register your child for school in Florida and includes a link to a view and print our district’s Enrollment Form.

How can I find out which school my child will attend?
Visit our Attendance Zoning page, which links to county zoning maps maintained by the Public Works Department.

How do I go about transferring my child into / out of / within the St. Johns County School District?
Details on each process are also included on the School Services Department website, along with the appropriate forms to be completed.

How do I order Student Records?
Records request forms are available in the Student Records Office and may be mailed or faxed. For more information, please visit the website of the Student Records Department.

More Information for SJCSD Families

Report Bullying

St. Johns County School District believes that all students and employees be afforded a setting that is safe, secure, and free from bullying and harassment of any kind. In compliance with Florida Statute 1006.147 and School Board Rule 3.21, the school district has adopted a comprehensive policy prohibiting bullying and harassment.

View the District’s policy prohibiting bullying and harassment.

Home Access Center (HAC)

The Home Access Center (HAC) is a web-based application that allows parents to view their child’s educational information via a secure password-protected website.

“Know the Law” Guide Book

lawKnow the Law is provided for you by PACT Prevention Coalition, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, the St. Johns County School District and the State Attorney’s Office in hope that it will become a valuable tool for you and your parents or guardians. It is designed to help you know and understand the laws and their consequences as they apply to you. When making decisions about your behavior, you should always take the time to consider the law and weigh the consequences before you act. “Ignorance of the law” is never an acceptable excuse for bad behavior.

View the Know the Law Pamphlet.

High School Academies

High school students — apply to join any one of multiple career academies located at our district high schools. Academies are small learning communities of students which combine a college-preparatory curriculum with a career theme. Get more information on the High School Academies website.

ESE Parent Survey

The Florida Department of Education works with school districts to gather information on how well parents think their child’s school is partnering with parents of students with disabilities, and would like to include your input. Your responses will help guide efforts to improve services and results for children and families.

Participate in the ESE Parent Survey.