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St. Johns County School District

In an ongoing endeavor to provide safety and security for students and staff, school access is required for every individual that is not a staff member of the St. Johns County School District.

Steps In Obtaining School Access

  • Complete the School Access Form by clicking the box in the right-hand corner of this page, or by going to
  • Name needs to appear exactly as shown on Driver’s License/State ID
  • Two (2) weeks after submission of the form, contact the school of your choice, to check status.


Signing In And Out Of A School, Including Proper Identification

  • If a person needs assistance in signing in or out at a school, the school receptionist will provide help.
  • Proper identification must be presented each time a person signs in at a school. The only forms of proper identification are the following:
    • Current state issued driver’s license
    • Current state issued identification card (issued only by the Department of Motor Vehicles)
  • If a person has a visa and/or does not have a social security number, the applicant must contact the Volunteer Services department right away for alternate steps.


General Information Regarding School Access

  • If a person does not have school access, he/she cannot go past the front desk into a school.
  • By completing a school access form, a person agrees to a criminal background check and sex offender check.
  • In accordance with 119.071(5)(a)2.a(II)F.S. the St. Johns County School District is authorized to collect an applicant’s social security number for identification purposes in completing a local, state, and/or national criminal background check.  The information will be used only for verification of criminal charges held by an individual, and will be kept in strictest confidence.
  • School access lasts for 3 year intervals. Upon approaching 3 years of access, it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact Volunteer Services and renew the form.  To reduce duplication, do not complete a new form.
  • All individuals with school access agree to abide by all policies and procedures of the St. Johns County School District at all times.
  • All individuals with school access agree to keep information that they see and hear confidential.
  • The St. Johns County School District reserves the right to restrict and/or deny a person’s school access when deemed necessary.
  • If a person has school access and is arrested for any reason, he/she must contact the Volunteer Services department and disclose this information.

Acceptable forms of I. D. and obtaining a State of Florida I. D.

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