Dual Enrollment Forms

SJR State Dual Enrollment Forms

Dual Enrollment Application Forms
Dual Enrollment Application Link 
Note-Only students who meet any of the following criteria need to complete this link:
1) New to dual enrollment
2) Were previously registered but have sat out of dual enrollment for 3 consecutive semesters
3) Are trying to register for Spring Dual Enrollment, and completed the application for Fall but did not participate in Fall Dual Enrollment, classifying the student as a no-show

Dual Enrollment Registration/Withdrawal Forms
*Download the form to your computer first, then fill it in. If you fill it in during “preview” mode in your web browser, the person you send it to will not be able to see the information you input. Be sure to click “Save” before you close the form after completing it.*
Signature Page for Online Application 2021
Dual Enrollment Registration Form 2021
Registration Adjustment Add-Drop 2021
Student Withdrawal 2021

Other Information
Principles and Responsibilities 2021
PERT Placement Testing for Dual Enrollment Students
Graduation Application 2020
Placement Test Score Card 2020

Dual Enrollment Petition Forms
Petition form Request for Policy Exception 2021

First Coast Technical College Dual Enrollment Forms