Foreign Exchange Students

*Foreign Exchange Registration for the 23-24 school year is now open. Applicants must complete the registration form below, submit paperwork directly to the School Principal, and be notified of acceptance by the School Principal May 1, 2023. Please note: The district does not approve or deny any foreign exchange placements, the decision is made entirely at the school level by the principal.*

Foreign Exchange Students Coming to the United States:

Guidelines for St. Johns County Students Leaving the US for a Foreign Exchange Program:

Only juniors may participate in a foreign exchange program, applying for the program during their sophomore year. Students may not participate in an exchange program in their senior year as it may jeopardize the completion of graduation requirements.  There is no credit guarantee for courses taken in a foreign country.  Course descriptions in English can be reviewed for advanced approval, but there is a high probability that no credit will be granted.  Therefore, students should consult with their school counselor and carefully weigh their options for meeting graduation requirements.  Students who leave the country for a foreign exchange program are not eligible to continue taking tuition-free courses through Florida Virtual School or St. Johns Virtual School once they withdraw from St. Johns County School District and while they are abroad. They may register for FLVS Global, which has tuition cost, or another program of their choosing.

For additional information, contact Kim Bays at 904-547-7752.

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