Hope Scholarship Program

11002.40 The Hope Scholarship Program.—

(3) PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY.— Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, contingent upon available funds, and on a first-come, first-served basis, a student enrolled in a Florida public school in kindergarten through grade 12 is eligible for a scholarship under this program if the student reported an incident in accordance with subsection (6). For purposes of this section, the term “incident” means battery; harassment; hazing; bullying; kidnapping; physical attack; robbery; sexual offenses, harassment, assault, or battery; threat or intimidation; or fighting at school, as defined by the department in accordance with s. 1006.09(6).

Hope Scholarship Program

Section 1002.40, F.S. Hope Scholarship Program

Rule 6A.60951, F.A.C. Hope Scholarship Program

Denise Sumerix
Director, Guidance and Choice Department
[email protected]
(904) 547-7754

Dana Chapman
Executive Secretary
Guidance and Choice Department
[email protected]
(904) 547-7754

Hope Scholarship Program (HSP)
2018-2019 School Year

For the 2018-2019 school year, the following schools have available capacity for the specified number of seats as of August 10, 2018.

No K-8 Schools, Middle Schools or High Schools currently meet the Hope Scholarship criteria.

Elementary Schools 2017-2018 Permanent Capacity Available Seats
based on 80% Permanent Student Stations
PVPV/Rawlings Elementary 1333 28
Webster School, The 959 318
TOTAL 2292 339