8th Grade Career Exploration

In 2023, SB 196 added stipulations to the already existing career planning component in a course in middle school. St. Johns County will include this component in students’ 8th Grade Civics courses. Please see the resources below for information covered by school counselors. Civics teachers will also infuse additional career information into their regular curriculum throughout the school year.

HOW Are You Intelligent? An Introduction to the Holland Codes (RIASEC) - The Career Project

Source: https://www.thecareerproject.org/blog/how-are-you-intelligent-an-introduction-to-the-holland-codes-riasec/

Career Overview Presentation – This is the presentation shown to all 8th grade students in Civics and covers high school and postsecondary readiness information. The presentation is beneficial for both students and parents to watch and discuss. To play the PowerPoint, open it and go to the tab “SlideShow” and click on “From Beginning”. The PowerPoint will start playing immediately and should progress by itself. You will need sound to hear the narration. Notes are at the bottom of each slide for those unable to access the audio in the slideshow.

2022 Economic Security Report-Measuring the Economic Success of Florida’s Graduates View graduation rates, wages, employment, and other information about graduates from Florida’s Postsecondary Institutions

High School Graduation Requirements These flyers from the Florida Department of Education describes current graduation requirements and other helpful high school information. These requirements can change from year to year depending on the Florida Legislature.

4 Year Plan This document will be completed by students with their school counselor in Civics and can be used as a tool for high school course selection during spring registration.

High School Academies Information See these pages for information on applying to high school academies, middle school blitz, and high school showcase.

Career Cluster Alignment to High School Academies This document connects the 16 Career Clusters to St. Johns High School Academies.

16 Career Clusters This page from Indeed reviews the 16 career clusters and potential jobs in each one.

High School Advanced Programs 23-24 This document details the different advanced academic programs available at district high schools.

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