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Academic Success Hundreds of tutorials and resources are available through this website, and since it was designed by CPALMS, the website of Florida Education Standards, it directly aligns with what students are learning in the classroom.

Helping Your Disorganized Student This packet gives information on helping students develop skills to be organized at all levels.

Helping Your Teen Get the Most Out of High School Guide This pamphlet gives simple steps parents can implement to help their student be successful.

Take Control of Homework This article provides practical ways for students to manage their homework.

Social/Emotional Well-Being

3 Tips to Help your Teen Transition to High School This article provides helpful tips on ways to support students in the first few days of high school.

When Your Child Refuses to Go to School This article details students who have school phobia/refusal and helping students manage this anxiety.

Self-Efficacy: Helping Children Believe They Can Succeed This resource gives parents helpful hints on teaching children positive thoughts about themselves and their ability to achieve.

True Grit: The Best Measure of Success and How to Teach It This article lists numerous resources and references showing how your student’s level of grit can be a predictor of future success.

Navigating Relationships

Link Crew This page describes the Link Crew Program that is part of all high schools in St. Johns County. Link Crew is similar to the middle school WEB Programs. Many Link Crew and WEB Programs host an Orientation Day as well as other programs throughout the year to help students entering middle and high school.

School Transitions This article that addresses navigating the physical school environment, ways to stay organized and teacher communication.

Education Nation Parent Toolkit This website explains different relational groups teens have in high school and common changes within those, while providing suggestions on monitoring and talking with students about those relationships.

Understanding Middle School Friendships This article addresses the complications with friendships in middle school.

Helping a Child with Toxic Friendship Problems This article discusses the changes in middle school friendships. It discusses the issue of parent involvement in friendship problems.

Kids’ Biggest Middle School Fears This article discusses students’ greatest fears. It contains practical information on combination locks, friendship issues and being different.

Parent-Teacher Conferences This page provides information on how to have an effective parent-teacher conference at the high school level.