Student Progression Plan

Student Progression Plans

To ensure that St. Johns County School District is meeting the needs of students and in response to legislation, the St. Johns County School Board has established a comprehensive program for student progression which includes the following:

  • standards for evaluating each student’s performance, including how well he or she masters the performance standards approved by the State board of Education,
  • specific levels of performance in reading, writing, science, and mathematics for each grade level, including the levels of performance on statewide assessments*,
  • appropriate alternative placement for a student who has been retained two or more years, and
  • procedures for informing each student and his or her parents/guardians of the student’s academic progress

The St. Johns County School District Student Progression Plan is a contract delineating what a student must know and be able to do to be promoted and what the district will do to help the student meet the requirements for promotion. The plan and the procedures for its implementation reflect clearly that promotion is based on student achievement.

The plan establishes procedures to achieve parent understanding, cooperation and acceptance of the student’s placement. School attendance procedures as described in the district’s Attendance Policy are considered as part of the Student Progression Plan.

The district program for student progression is based upon local goals and objectives that are compatible with the state’s plan for education. Pertinent factors considered by the teacher before recommendation that a student progress from one grade to another have been prescribed by the district School Board in its plan.

The Student Progression Plan is governed by state statutes and district policy. All procedures listed in the Student Progression Plan are subject to change due to School Board or legislative action. The Student Progression Plan is updated yearly and posted on the district website.

Students will be placed in programs and levels best suited to meet their academic needs and customized learning path, with consideration given to their social, emotional and physical development.

Decisions regarding student promotion, retention and special placement are primarily the responsibility of the individual school’s professional staff. District and state regulations place the responsibility for decisions regarding student placement with the principal and the Child Study Team or its equivalent.

It is the responsibility of the School Board and district administration to provide students with effective instructional and remedial programs that accomplish the following:

  • monitor student progress,
  • promote continuous achievement,
  • make provisions for individual differences,
  • promote students’ assuming responsibility for their own learning and attendance
  • provide effective, engaging instruction and remediation, and
  • document instruction in, and student mastery of, the standards.

*A student scoring below grade level must receive remediation or be retained in an intensive program that is different from the previous year’s program and addresses the student’s learning style.