Resources for Military Families

Click on the image below for more information on resources for military families.Military Families

Military Interstate Compact-Guide for Students/Parents on the MIC

Military Family Guide to School Transitions

How to Enroll Your Child in St. Johns County Schools

Student Progression Plan-Please see our student progression plan for further information on transfer procedures for military families. Once you click on the level of progression plan needed (elementary, middle or high) and the document opens, hold down “Control” + “F” on your keyboard. When the search box appears, type in the word “military”, then press the “Enter” key. This will take you directly to every place where military is mentioned in the student progression plan.

School Liaison Officer Introduction

School Liaison Officer Resources

Sesame Street for Military Families-This website provides resources for working with children through all phases of a military lifestyle. tutor support for several subjects. App available as well.

For questions about services in St. Johns County School District, please contact Keyjah Camps at 904-547-7754



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