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Where do I find 2023-24 available positions for each school?

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Non-Core Vacancies for ALL schools

Available to apply in AppliTrack beginning 4/28 and throughout the hiring season

Non-instructional positions such as: Clerks, Food Service Workers, Virtual Assistants, Secretaries

Instructional Positions such as: Teacher on Assignment, Career and Technical Ed, Health Occupation, ESE Career Coach

Note: Other positions may posted based on need.

Note: These vacancies will be removed from the web once recommended for hire.

Teacher Recruitment

Transportation Department

Al Pantano, Director

School vacancies for the 2023-24 hiring season are live and accepting applications!

1. Login to your application 
2. Select a Vacancy Desired
***Note: To view available positions at each school, click on the link within the posting
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3. Complete your application
**Note: Check the Confirmation to ensure your application is complete
4. Submit your application!
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Part-Time as Needed Food and Nutrition

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