New Worlds Scholarship

Reading and math skills provide a foundation for academic success starting at an early age. Students who struggle early in their academic career may continue to struggle to reach their full learning potential. New Worlds Scholarship Accounts enable early intervention to support students in moving ahead.

The program benefits students in grades K-5 by providing families with access to an education savings account (ESA) of $500 to pay for programs and materials designed to boost reading and math skills.

Who Is Eligible

New Worlds Scholarship Accounts are available to students who are enrolled in a Florida Public School in grades K-5 who:

  • Have a substantial reading deficiency or exhibits characteristics of dyslexia as identified under s. 1008.25(5)
  • Or scored below a Level 3 on the statewide, standardized English Language Arts (ELA) assessment in the prior school year.
  • Or have a substantial deficiency in mathematics or the characteristics of dyscalculia as identified under s. 1008.25(6)
  • Or scored below a Level 3 on the statewide, standardized Mathematics assessment in the prior school year.

An eligible student who is classified as an English Language Learner and is enrolled in a program or receiving services that are specifically designed to meet the instructional needs of English Language Learner students shall receive priority.

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