School Safety

St. Johns Co. Sheriff's Office Active Assailant Training PowerPoints

Emergency Preparedness

The St. Johns County School District (SJCSD) is committed to safety, security, and the health and wellbeing of all students.  Each St. Johns County school has an Emergency Operations Plan with incident specific procedures that is reviewed and practiced regularly.  Our school district also works closely with local public safety officials using their expertise and input.  Regular safety, health, security, and fire inspections take place each year in all schools.  School Health Services contributes to the goals of the education system by helping to ensure that all students are healthy and ready to learn. With a nurse in every school, they function as a part of the school’s team to bridge the gap between health, wellness, and learning.  Per F.S. 381.0056 – School Health Services Program, school nurses work with parents, other health professionals, and school staff to provide services.  For a list of services offered in school clinics and additional information, please visit the Health Services website at  Most schools have also been designated as shelters to be used in the event of a hurricane or other emergency requiring temporary shelter.  Each school has a Safety Committee and Threat Assessment Team as well, that meet regularly to discuss issues of safety and security. 

A Youth Resource Deputy (YRD) is assigned at every school.  The YRD participates in the facilitation of required training, drills, and on the school’s Threat Assessment Team.  As prescribed in State Board of Education Rule 6A-1.0018, Active Assailant Response drills will be conducted four times each year.  YRDs will also meet with students and facilitate age-appropriate discussions in the beginning of the school year focusing on Active Assailant Response procedures, the “Always Rules” and Safe Zones in the classrooms. The PowerPoint presentation for these can be viewed at   In addition, we will practice fire, tornado, AED response and bomb threat drills for all faculty/staff and students throughout the year.   

Over the past few years, we have enhanced and added several security measures at our school sites.  Our camera systems are actively integrated with the Sheriff’s Department for their viewing during a critical incident and we have implemented a Mobile Panic Alarm System (Centegix) that gives all school staff members the ability to lockdown a school as well as send notification to the Sheriff’s Department’s 911 Dispatch Center.  We also have 800mhz radio capabilities at all schools to directly communicate with local law enforcement in emergency situations.    FortifyFL continues to give all our students and families a reporting tool where they can share threats to school and district staff.  School site risk assessments continue to be conducted annually and many of our building safety initiatives such as single point of entry, electronic access, perimeter fencing, and increased signage were completed in alignment with these assessments. 

As required by Florida Statute 553.865(4), schools are to maintain separate restrooms for the exclusive use of males and females, or unisex restrooms as defined by Florida Statute 553.865(3)(m).  No person (student or adult) on our campus may use restrooms designated for members of the opposite sex.


Visitor and volunteer sign-in procedures are required in each school and all schools use the Keep ‘N Track sign-in system. We require all visitors and volunteers to sign in and wear badges when visiting the school. All visitors and volunteers must submit a School Access Application in which a background check by the Sheriff’s Department and a 50-state sexual offender check is completed before applicants are approved for school access.

To communicate with parents in a crisis, our mass communication system is used.  This system provides any combination of instant telephone, text and email communication for emergency, community outreach, special events and other school/district messages. In order to receive text messages, you must opt in. Please visit for instructions. 

If at any time you have concerns about the safety of your child or issues concerning safety or security, please call your child’s school.

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