School Safety

St. Johns Co. Sheriff's Office Active Assailant Training PowerPoints

Emergency Preparedness

The St. Johns County School District (SJCSD) is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for your child.  Each St. Johns County school has an Emergency Operations Plan with incident specific procedures that is reviewed and practiced regularly.  These plans have been formulated using Federal Emergency Operations Agency and Department of Education guidelines that conform to federal, state and local guidelines.  Our school district also works closely with local public safety officials using their expertise and input. Regular safety, health, security and fire inspections take place each year in all district schools.  All district schools have been designated as shelters to be used in the event of a hurricane or other emergency requiring temporary shelter.  Each school has a Safety Committee and Threat Assessment Team as well, that meet regularly to discuss issues of safety and security.

As prescribed in Senate Bill 7030, Active Assailant Response drills will be conducted each month. Principals and St. Johns Sheriff’s Office (SJSO) Youth Resource Deputies (YRDs) will also meet with students and have age appropriate discussions focusing on Active Assailant Response procedures, the “Always Rules” and Safe Zones in the classrooms. In addition, we will practice fire, tornado, AED response and bomb threat drills for all faculty/staff and students throughout the year.

YRDs are assigned at each school for emergency response situations, as well as facilitation of required training, drills, and participation on the school’s Threat Assessment Team. These YRDs have received extensive training in working with students and local schools. Multiple schools across the district will have an armed security officer present throughout the entirety of the school day. All armed security officers have successfully completed Guardian training facilitated by the SJSO as outlined in Senate Bill 7030.

Visitor and volunteer sign-in procedures are required in each school and all schools use KeepnTrack sign-in system. We require all visitors and volunteers to sign in and wear badges when visiting the school. All visitors and volunteers must submit a School Access Application in which a background check by the SJSO and a 50-state sexual offender check is completed before applicants are approved for school access.

To communicate with parents in a crisis, our mass communication system, SchoolMessenger, is used.  This system provides instant telephone, text and email communication and can be used for emergency, community outreach, special events and other school/district messages. In order to receive text messages you must opt in. Please visit for instructions.

If at any time you have concerns about the safety of your child or issues concerning safety or security, please call the school.

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