Pearson Successnet Login Information

Here’s how to log in to Pearson Successnet.

1.  Go to

2.  Your “User name” is your employee identification number (your E00 number) followed by  The “E” must be capitalized.

 3. Your password is stjohns01

4.  Here is an example of a log in:

5.  Click on “Log In.”  The next screen allows you to add access codes for your products.  


6.  Click the button that says “Click here to add your products.”  Enter the access code for your online textbook.  See your Assistant Principal or ILC for a full list of codes.

7.  After clicking on “Check code” you will be asked to confirm the products you wish to add.  Click “save” to confirm.

8.  You must logout before you can begin using your product.

9.  To log out, click next to the profile picture on the top of your screen, and then click on “logout.”

10.  Log back into Pearson Successnet and your online resources will be available to you.  

 11.  Once you log back in, click on the “classes” tab.


12.  Click on “Create Class/Group.”

13.  Name your class and select the products you would like to use with this class.  Click “save” when finished.

14.  To add students to your class, you’ll click on the small “view” link underneath the “roster” heading.

15.  DO NOT CLICK ON “ADD A STUDENT.”  This will affect the entire database for St. Johns County.  Instead, click on “Select from school roster.”  Do not attempt to add or change any information in the database.

16.  Choose your “grade” and click on “search.”  Choose the students from the class roster.  If a student is not on this list, click here to fill out a survey to have them added.  Click on the check boxes to add the students to your classroom, and then click “save.”

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