Fines and Fees

Please return materials on time and in good condition to avoid the $5.00 per book/per day late fee.

Consumable materials such as workbooks, solutions & lab manuals are not to be written in. Full replacement price will be charged in this event. The student/parent is responsible for paying the purchase price for any textbooks not returned, lost or deemed unusable to include WATER DAMAGE. Textbooks MUST be returned to the Fullerwood Center, not to the student’s home school.


In the event that a textbook is damaged the following fees will be assessed:

Missing/Damaged Barcode $5.00
Writing in Book $1.00 Per Page
Cover Damaged $5.00 or Full Replacement Cost
Missing Pages Full Replacement Cost
Water/Liquid Damage Full Replacement Cost
Gum, Food, Candy Damage $5.00 or Full Replacement Cost
Removal of Post-It Notes $5.00
Pet Damage $5.00 or Full Replacement Cost
Torn Pages $1.00 Per Page


The failure to pay for lost or damaged materials may result in the student’s suspension from participation in extracurricular activities including, but not limited to, senior activities.