Fines and Fees

Textbooks MUST be returned to the Fullerwood Center, NOT to the student’s home school or the college.
  • Late textbooks incur a $5.00 per book, per day fine.
  • Consumable materials such as workbooks, solutions & lab manuals are not to be written in. Full replacement price will be charged in this event.
  • The student/parent is responsible for paying the purchase price for any textbook not returned, lost, or deemed unusable to include WATER DAMAGE

In the event that a textbook is damaged the following fees will be assessed:

Missing/Damaged Barcode $5.00
Writing in Book $1.00 Per Page
Cover Damaged $5.00 or Full Replacement Cost
Missing Pages Full Replacement Cost
Water/Liquid Damage Full Replacement Cost
Gum, Food, Candy Damage $5.00 or Full Replacement Cost
Removal of Post-It Notes $5.00
Pet Damage $5.00 or Full Replacement Cost
Torn Pages $1.00 Per Page

The failure to pay for lost or damaged materials may result in the student’s suspension from participation in extracurricular activities including, but not limited to, senior activities.

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