Movie Approvals

Parent Information

  • District procedure for movie approvals indicates that all teachers should provide parents with a parent permission form indicating the complete title of the movie that will be shown if the movie is PG, PG 13 or NR (not rated). G rated movies do not require parents to sign parental permission forms.
  • Only 1 movie per permission form is allowed.
  • PG-13 movies may not be shown to students under 13 years of age under any circumstances.
  • No “R” rated movies or portions of these movies are permitted to be shown in the St. Johns County School District.
  • Non-rated (NR) films require that a PG-13 form is signed by parents before a NR film can be shown to students.
  • Parents may request an alternative assignment, in writing, in lieu of signing the permission form.

A parent permission form is available below for parent convenience. It is required that a parent/guardian sign a form for any PG, PG 13, or NR movies that their child(ren) will view.

Parental Permission Form

The form below must be signed, by a parent/guardian, for students in elementary, middle, and high schools to view movies with PG, PG 13 movies, or TV 14 Videos/DVDs.

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