Dual Enrollment Procedures

Dual Enrollment Expectations

St. Johns County is proud of you for earning the opportunity to participate in the dual enrollment coursework offered by St. Johns River State College. The cost of college textbooks is a significant expense as you will discover after you graduate from high school. As a high school student, you have the privilege of having these materials to use for free during the course, but in the end they must be returned. The St. Johns County School District reuses these materials for other students and it is imperative you return them during the designated times. If you miss the deadline, we are forced to purchase books we would not need otherwise. Therefore, if you return the books late you will be charged a late fee. Lab manuals, solution manuals, and study guides are provided. However, these texts are not considered consumable and students may not write in these materials.   SJRSC has instructed their professors to allow you to write answers on separate sheets of paper. If needed, please identify yourself as a high school student and show your professor this webpage so they know you are not to write in these materials. This is your responsibility as a dual enrollment student.


Textbook Checkout Agreement

Access to free textbooks is a privilege that comes with responsibility. When you complete your online textbook request you are digitally signing the Dual Enrollment Checkout Agreement. Completing the online request for textbooks and digitally signing the Dual Enrollment Checkout Agreement assures us that you are responsible for the materials you borrow.


Important points to remember:

  • Dual enrollment information and due dates are listed on our website. Textbooks must be requested online and returned to the Fullerwood Center, 10 Hildreth Drive, St. Augustine, Florida during the days and hours identified through your dual enrollment contact.
  • Late return fee is $5.00 per book, per day. If you lose or damage the book you will be charged the full replacement price.
  • Do NOT write in lab manuals or workbooks! It is your responsibility to speak to your professor about your inability to write in lab manuals, solution manuals, or study guides. If you write in the materials you will be responsible for the entire cost.

Most DE questions can be answered by your school counselor or the school’s DE contact.  Please contact the appropriate person at your school if you have any questions.

Additional information is available on the SJRSC Dual Enrollment website.

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