Request for Change in Placement

The Parent’s Role with Placement Decisions

Many factors are considered when making a placement decision for a student. The placement decision is based on the preponderance of evidence showing how well a student is meeting the levels of performance for student progression to the next grade level. Parents or guardians may discuss placement decisions with school officials, provide input for consideration, and ask for an explanation of the placement. They may also review the evidence the school used in making the placement; however, the final placement decision is made by the principal.

Teacher Change Request Form

To request a teacher change, parents may complete this form and return it to their child’s school.

How do I obtain a school transfer?

Information regarding residency and guardianship can be found on the Student Services website at

The out–of-zone transfer request process can be found on the School Services website at

How do I request a teacher change?

Florida Statute 1003.3101 gives a parent the right to request his or her child be transferred to another classroom teacher based on (1) the teacher’s out-of-field certification status or (2) personal preference.  This statute does not give the parent the right to choose a specific classroom teacher. Teachers with out-of-field certification are named on our district website 30 days before the beginning of the semester. Parents may complete a Teacher Change Request Form, which is also available at schools.

When the form is returned to the school, the parent will be contacted to schedule a conference (required).  After the conference, the principal will either approve or deny the request with the rationale for the denial in writing.  Consistent with school board rules and in accordance with state statute (1012.28 (5) F.S.), the Superintendent has designated the principal of the school as the final authority in the placement of students in programs or classes.


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