Enrollment Letter

Dear St. Johns County Parents and Guardians,

The enrollment window for the St. Johns Virtual School (SJVS) Full-Time Program opens on April 11, 2022 and will close on July 8, 2022. To learn more about virtual options and apply to the program, please visit https://stjohnsvirtual.com/apply-register-full-time-sjvs/

SJVS is a program of choice. Please note that applying to the full-time program does not guarantee acceptance. SJVS is a semester commitment and students are required to complete virtual curriculum from lesson 1 through the end of the course. Applications received after July 9, 2022, will be submitted for approval through an appeal process.

The SJVS full-time program offers a unique online program that provides students the flexibility to learn. Each semester, a full-time virtual student is expected to complete a minimum of five courses for elementary and six courses for middle and high. To be successful, virtual school students must be self-disciplined, self-motivated, responsible, and challenged by rigor. Parents and guardians must play an active role in monitoring their child’s progress and make sure their child maintains a regimented schedule.

A parent/guardian, especially in the elementary grades will serve as a hands-on learning coach. Parents/guardians will need to be able to assist their children each day to navigate the platform and submit work. Students in grades 6-12 are more independent in navigating the system and will be able to submit work and contact teachers as needed. SJVS elementary teachers will host live lessons twice per week. There are also office hours where teachers are available to assist each day/week.

SJVS middle and high school teachers will host open established office hours each week and live class sessions for courses. These office hours and live class sessions will allow for students to schedule a specific time to talk with their teachers or know their teacher will be available specific for that subject. Teachers also are available and will answer all questions within a 24-hour period. The middle and high school program is largely self- directed. A high degree of responsibility and motivation are required to meet the required weekly completion goals.

While the full-time program does allow students to establish their own weekly schedule as to what day and time they complete schoolwork, students must achieve adequate weekly progress to continue with SJVS as a full-time option. Students who fall behind in their weekly progress could be required to complete schoolwork at the SJVS office until they reach and maintain the proper pace. Adequate weekly progress is defined as roughly 6% completion per class, per week. Students not able to maintain the proper pace will be required to return to their zoned school.

If you are currently enrolled with SJVS and plan to return, you do not need to complete this application.   


Ryan Erskine
Principal, St. Johns Virtual School

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