ESE Programs

ESE Programs

Support to students, parents and school personnel is provided by ESE Program Specialists. The Program Specialists are assigned specific programs to oversee and provide technical assistance in the form of program development and training.


Lynn Adkins, Program Specialist
(904) 547-7697
[email protected]

Other Health Impaired
Specific Learning Disabilities


Helen DiMare, Program Specialist
(904) 547-7692
[email protected]



Teri Evans, Program Specialist – Pre-K Clinic
(904) 547-8958
[email protected]

(located at The Excelsior Cultural Center, 102 Martin Luther King Avenue)


George Freeman, Program Specialist
(904) 547-7704
[email protected]

Behavior Specialists
Emotional or Behavior Disabilities
Mental Health Counselors


Avery Greene, Program Specialist
(904) 547-7557
[email protected]

Homebound or Hospitalized
Orthopedic Impairment
Parent Services
Traumatic Brain Injury
Visually Impaired


Leigh Ann Hale, Program Specialist
(904) 547-7678
[email protected]

Intellectual Disabilities
Transition Services


Sonia Howley, Program Specialist
(904) 547-7543
[email protected]

Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Speech / Language Impairments


Tina Kennon, Assistant Director
(904) 547-7546
[email protected]

Occupational & Physical Therapy
Section 504


Lisa Thacker, Program Specialist
(904) 547-7530
[email protected]

Autism Spectrum Disorder