Emotional or Behavioral Disabilities

Students with an exceptionality of Emotional/Behavioral Disability (EBD) are provided support along a continuum of placement options. These range from the general education setting to a self-contained behavior unit to our separate day school. All students with an Emotional/Behavioral Disability have an Individualized Education Plan with goals in the Social/Emotional Behavior domain. Many also benefit from an accompanying Behavior Intervention Plan and counseling.

Behavior unit programs are located at several schools and provide partial to full day support. They include students with varying exceptionalities – including EBD. They utilize strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis and counseling and maintain a smaller student to staff ratio. Students are taught new behaviors to replace difficult behaviors and data is collected to monitor progress. The goal of every behavior unit program is for students to gradually increase their time in the general education setting with minimal support.

The Transition School is a separate day school that serves students with significant behavior difficulties and includes students with varying exceptionalities – including EBD. The school only contains students with disabilities, therefore, time with typical peers is not possible. This program is considered when a student is stepping down from residential placement or has demonstrated instability in a less restrictive setting. The goal of the Transition School is to help students reach stability and transition back to less restrictive programs.

Cluster Sites (for students who require services in a self-contained ESE classroom)

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