Emotional or Behavioral Disabilities

The program for students with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities provides a continuum of individualized support with placement ranging from the general education setting to a self-contained behavior unit. All students with an Emotional/Behavioral Disability have an Individualized Education Plan with goals in the Social/Emotional Behavior domain. Many also benefit from an accompanying Behavior Intervention Plan and group and/or individual counseling.

Self-contained behavior units typically include a class wide behavior system that incorporates levels of privileges (based on behavior performance) and daily point sheets (to measure progress and provide feedback to the student). Daily point sheets address specific targeted behaviors that have prevented the student from being successful in the general education setting. The goal of every self-contained behavior unit is to assist students to gain skills allowing them to gradually transfer back into the general education setting. Behavior units are located at specific schools across the district. The Transition Program is a separate day school that serves students with significant behavior difficulties.