Risk Management

 Amanda Gumble
Risk Management
(904) 547-7641

Oversees the Risk Management Program, litigations, liability, property, worker’s compensation, student accident, claims filing and legal requests related to liability suits, crime, pollution legal, storage tanks, flood policies and ROTC bonds and studies.

Shilo Rosenfeld
Insurance Specialist (1)
(904) 547-7640

Coordinates the reporting process of workers’ compensation claims, to include return-to-work and light duty assignments.

Angela Taylor
Insurance Specialist (2)
(904) 547-7554

Maintains the property schedule, process all property claims, general liability claims to include vehicle accidents, flood and elevation certificates, storage tanks and assist schools and parents with the student accidents insurance. Request, review and maintain Certificate of Insurance for vendors, commercial carriers, churches and facility use.

Workers’ Compensation information and forms are available on our internal website, Inside SJCSD.

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