Responsibilities as a Home Educator

Please read the paragraphs below for annual state compliance requirements to prevent termination from Home Education and other responsibilities as a Home Educator. 

FL Home Education Statutes
Florida Department of Education Home Education
Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice

Annual Evaluation Per Home Educated Child– Per Florida Statute, parents/guardians are required to provide an annual educational evaluation that documents their child’s demonstration of educational progress. This evaluation is arranged by the parent/guardian and will be due on or before the anniversary date of your child’s initial enrollment as a Home Education student. For example, if your child was enrolled in Home Education on August 10 an annual evaluation is due on or before August 10 of each subsequent year.

No Diploma Issued for Home Educated Students- As stated in your Notice of Intent, the St. Johns County School District is not authorized to issue a Florida high school diploma to home education students  

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