Community Relations Department Contact List

Christina Langston Chief of Community Relations (904) 547-7504 [email protected]
Danielle Cook Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Community Relations (904) 547-7517 [email protected]
Kelly Thigpen Coordinator¬†for Character Education & Community Partnerships (904) 547-7623 [email protected]
Stephanie Novak Confidential Secretary/Public Records (904) 547-7637 [email protected]
Carla Whitfield Confidential Secretary/Front Desk Receptionist (904) 547-7500 [email protected]
Amisha Kearse Mail/Copy Room Clerk (904) 547-7560 [email protected]
Michael Clark District Webmaster (904) 547-3927 [email protected]
Matt Keene Instructional Television Program Specialist (904) 547-3949 [email protected]
Murphy Alexander Instructional Television Program Specialist (904) 547-3946 [email protected]
Cheryl Freeman Coordinator, RSVP/Volunteer Services (904) 547-3952 [email protected]
Caitlin Drury Confidential Secretary, RSVP/Volunteer Services (904) 547-3945 [email protected]