About SEA-TV


The Instructional Television Services for the St. Johns County School District is a component of the SJCSD Community Relations Department. The Community Relations Department has maintained an instructional video service for many years. We currently have a collection of instructional videos that are available via a district courier system or walk in check out. Our videos are available for check out for all personnel in the SJCSD. Call (904) 547-3949 or (904) 547-3946 for more information.

SEA-TV History

Time Warner approached the SJCSD about starting an educational access channel approximately seven years ago, at that time we were assigned Channel 56. We have converted our path to the headend of Comcast cable on Josiah Street in St. Augustine via fiber optic cabling. The headend of Channel 99 is run by Tightrope Media System. Channel 99 is a 24-7 operation. On October 1, 2003 we were reassigned to Channel 24 and on March 17, 2011 Comcast assigned us to Channel 99.

Most video programing occurs from 8:00 AM until 11:00 PM seven days a week. When video programing is not scheduled our SJCSD Bulletin Board airs. We have the ability to dub videos, tape satellite programing of educational interest and have a small teleconference facility or can air teleconferences.

SEA-TV Mission

Our mission for Channel 99 is first to provide quality instructional and educational programing for all SJCSD stakeholders. We are fortunate to have a wide variety of sources for our programing. Additionally, we air our monthly SJCSD School Board Meetings and special events such as District Science Fair, District History Fair, and the District Spelling Bee. We also solicit footage from local school events. Schools can send us raw footage that we will edit for television broadcasting. Please contact us at 547-3947 if you have an event you would like us to air. We also produce a large amount of staff development videos.

We also provide assistance to school library media center television studios. Television informs and motivates. Instructional Television can address a student’s learning style, show a step-by-step process, transport a student to a different time or place, animate complex concepts, or discuss ideas. Television programs assist a teacher in building background knowledge for reading lessons. Television demonstrates “real life” applications of classroom topics. Community Relations provides a variety of television-related services for the district.


We purchase, downlink, playback and re-broadcast instructional programing for K-12 Students, District Staff, and Teachers. We do reserve the right to change the programing schedule in the event we have a staff development or timely district need.


Channel 99 is our vehicle for duplication of staff development programing for the southern schools in St. Johns County. The Community Relations department will notify the school principals and media specialists of the schedule via e-mail. Programs that are the responsibility of the schools to tape will be broadcast a minimum of three times. Schools on our northern area who do not have access to Comcast Cable can request to have programs duplicated for them by the Community Relations department and sent via the district media courier. The courier schedule is available as a link under the Video Checkout tab.

The SJCSD ITV can duplicate videotapes of our programing on request for schools outside of the Comcast service area. DVDs of all our productions are available to the public. All requests must be made through the Community Relations department. Contact Danielle Taylor at (904) 547-7637 to place an order. The cost is $10.00 each, please make checks payable to The St. Johns County Education Foundation. You may contact us at (904) 547-3946 or (904) 547-3949 for more information.

Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Announcements regarding a school or community event are shown on the SJCSD Channel 99 Bulletin Board.  Announcement contents should be printed or typed, maximum length of 7 lines and 35 characters per line. All requests are subject to approval by the Director for Community Relations. Contact (904) 547-3949 or (904) 547-3946 for more information.

Our Resources

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