SEA-TV (Channel 99): Instructional Television

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About SEA-TV

seaintroMedia Services is the broadcasting base for Channel 99, otherwise known as SEA-TV. We air educational programs from organizations such as NASA and Annenberg. We also air a number of local programs that we produce ourselves as well as a number of student productions. Learn more here.

SEA-TV Schedule

sea4See what programs are coming up. We update our schedule regularly, and you can view it here.

Submit a Program

sea3Have you ever wanted to be on TV? Well, we are always looking for new, local programming to air on SEA-TV. Of course, there are content guidelines, but as long as the video stays within them, we highly encourage you to send us your project to be reviewed and aired by us. If you would like to submit a video to air on SEA-TV, click here.

Video Production Services

sea2We will collaborate with you to plan, produce, and edit your projects. Fill out this form to get started. Contact Murphy Alexander with further questions.

Online Resources

sea1A number of our local programs are available for streaming online. Visit our online resources page to find them.

SEA-TV Internships

Sea-tv_internship1On occasion we offer summer internships for high school students in St. Johns County. Contact Murphy Alexander with further questions about summer internships with SEA-TV.