Community Partnerships Update – May 2019

Community partnerships are paramount to student success in the St. Johns County School District (SJCSD). In the summer of 2018, 32 organizations gathered to discuss various opportunities to collaborate with the SJCSD through an event called From Hearts to Hands. Throughout the school year, over 200 needs were met through the work of these partnerships. We look forward to additional collaboration efforts presented this summer through From Hearts to Hands, which will allow us to plan and collaborate with one another to benefit and enrich the school community.

Community Partnerships

The St. Johns County School District welcomes support from its community members and businesses.

CHARACTER COUNTS! is an educational framework for teaching universal values and a national coalition of organizations that support each other. The result is a culture change in your school, business or organization. CHARACTER COUNTS! Improves the lives of the adults who teach it, the communities that embrace it and the students who make better choices as a result of it.

The vitality of our community is dependent on building and maintaining strong character, so please consider offering your support. To get involved with CHARACTER COUNTS! or to support our schools, programs or the school district in general, please contact the Community Relations Department at (904) 547-7517.