Leadership Development Update

At the beginning of each new school year, Superintendent Forson conducts a “Leadership Retreat” to set the tone for the months ahead.  Many of us had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Forson present the goals for 2019-2020 School Year.  One area of focus was on maintaining and growing trusting relationships at work.  Trust is one of the most important components of productive and efficient organizations.  All leaders viewed a video by Dare to Lead author Brene Brown.  The word she uses to define trust is braving, which she breaks down into an applicable acronym.  BRAVING, B is for boundaries, R is for reliability, A is for accountability, V is for vault, I stands for integrity, N is for nonjudgment, and G stands for generosity.

Leadership Development sessions continue throughout the school year to inform, provide opportunities for interaction, and develop the capacity of all participants.  Ongoing session topics include facilitative behaviors in the workplace, communication skills, understanding of the SJCSD strategic plan, mission and vision, a focus on character and ethics in the workplace, the culture of SJCSD, and leadership skills.  Leadership session participants discuss the skills necessary to manage change and engage in courageous dialog around their work. These conversations are inspirational as we collaborate to learn from each other.

Leadership sessions currently underway include:

  • Sharpen the Saw—Skill Development
  • AP and New Principal Prep/Orientation
  • Mentoring/Coaching for Leaders
  • Leadership Learning Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
  • Phase I Leadership Academy
  • Phase II, Year 2, Principal Prep Program
  • Creating Title I School Leaders

While Human Resources is busy meeting the needs of our employees, the Department is always focusing their efforts on recruitment. The District has recognized hard-to-fill teaching positions and continually seeks high quality educators and support staff to fill positions for both current vacancies and for the 2020-21 school year.

The District will be attending educational fairs at surrounding colleges and universities over the next six months, and plans to host Recruitment Job Fairs in the spring of 2020. In addition, we are always looking for paraprofessionals to assist in ESE classrooms and for extended day workers.

The Department will announce their job fairs on the District’s recruitment website in November.