School Health & Wellness Advisory Committee (SHWAC)

St. Johns County Schools has a School and Wellness Health Advisory Committee (SHWAC), made up of community, school and health members. Together, the SHWAC serves as problem-solvers and advisors to the school district on aspects of child health in all areas of the CDC model Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC)

Promoting life-long wellness and safe behaviors to improve and maintain health for academic success through community collaboration and partnership in St. Johns County.

Healthy children make successful students and successful students build a stronger Florida.


  • To design a pathway for communication regarding health services in concert with the school district, public health department, and the community.
  • To review and recommend standards, policies and procedures regarding school health services and wellness based on the ten components of the WSCC model.
  • Coordinate efforts in the community to address health issues that impact students’ physical, psychological, and social wellness

By promoting communication and collaboration among the ten components of the WSCC, the SHWAC enhances the coordinated approach to school health, which goes hand in hand with improving students’ ability to learn.

SHWAC Meetings
SHWAC meetings are held biannually in August and February.

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