School Health & Wellness Advisory Committee (SHWAC)

School Health & Wellness Advisory Committee of St. Johns County

Promoting life-long wellness and safe behaviors to improve and maintain health for academic success through community collaboration and partnership in St. Johns County.

Healthy children make successful students and successful students build a stronger Florida.


  • To design a pathway for communication regarding health services in concert with the school district, public health department, and the community.
  • To review and recommend standards, policies and procedures regarding school health services, wellness and the eight components of the Coordinated School Health model.


  • Hold quarterly meetings.
  • Consult with the school district regarding components of the coordinated school health needs and plans for addressing needs.
  • Continue to develop and strengthen community partnerships.
  • Continue to increase community partner and parent participation.
  • Continue intra and inter-agency collaboration.
  • Embrace the new CDC Coordinated School Health Model – Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child.

Members of the SHWAC meet quarterly and represent the ten components of the Coordinated School Health program:

  • Health Services
  • Health Education
  • Nutrition Environment & Services
  • Counseling, Psychological & Social Services
  • Physical Education & Physical Activity
  • Employee Wellness
  • Community Involvement
  • Healthy School Environment
  • Family Engagement
  • Social & Emotional Climate

By promoting communication and collaboration among these ten component areas, the SHWAC enhances the coordinated approach to school health, which goes hand in hand with improving students’ ability to learn.

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