Health Services News

New Opportunities for FCTC Nursing Students

Health Services is partnering with First Coast Technical College to provide Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) students with the opportunity for a preceptorship at several of our school clinics. LPN students work alongside the school nurse and gain knowledge and experience in the area of pediatric nursing. This opportunity allows nursing students to not only see firsthand the increase in pediatric medical conditions, but also to learn how to help students manage these conditions in the school setting. This partnership also allows LPN students the privilege of taking part in the education process of disease management.

CPR, First Aid/AED Training

School nurses are diligently working with parents and school staff to identify students with special health care needs and/or chronic conditions.  Collaboration with parents and health care providers to develop evidence-based Individualized Health Care Plans and Emergency Care Plans for students in need of school health services is ongoing.  Training school staff to implement these plans of care along with the nurse is a vital part of the student’s ability to be successful academically.

CPR, First Aid/AED Training

The District has 19 CPR Instructors comprised of nurses, athletic trainers and coaches across the county providing CPR certification training to staff members.  All schools have staff on campus trained in the life-saving measures of CPR and AED use.  Many school nurses train additional staff in Hands-Only CPR to increase the ability to intervene in an emergency.  St. Johns County Fire Rescue will provide Hands-Only CPR training again this year to all graduating seniors across the district.  At the end of the 2016-2017 school year, approximately 10,000 students had participated in the training since its initiation in 2012.  This community outreach is unique to the St. Johns County School District and shows great investment by the SJC Fire Rescue in empowering our students with the ability to intervene in an emergency situation.

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