Health Services News

On the January 29 Inservice Day, Nemours Children’s Clinic Endocrinology Dept. will be providing in-depth training for school nurses on the latest trends and treatments for diabetes in children. There will be a focus on how to keep students with diabetes safe at school and manage their disease process while helping them succeed academically.

We are once again partnering with Salt Run Family Dentistry and the Dismukes Dental Concepts Program. This program provides free dental treatment for SJCSD students in need. The Dismukes Dental Program was made possible by the generosity of John T. Dismukes, a Florida veteran. Mr. Dismukes came to St. Augustine in 1885 and established the First National Bank and built and endowed the Dismukes Clinic. St. Johns County maintains the Dismukes Dental Program and provides free dental treatment for qualified children under 18 years of age enrolled in the St. Johns County School District.

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