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St. Johns County School District Utilities Overview

The dashboards below show the energy and water/sewer use and cost for St. Johns County School District. In total, 40+ school sites and over 180 accounts are represented. Please keep in mind a few important notes when reviewing this information:
  1. Dashboards are interactive to a certain extent. Where multiple years of data are displayed, clicking on a “year” will turn on/off that year’s data..
  2. Information on these pages is live – it’s pulled directly from our energy data management software. Data for the most recent month or two should be ignored as it may still be being uploaded. Utility billing lags usage by about a month, and bills are received at different times of the month. Billing errors can also take a few billing cycles to be corrected.
  3. While the data on this page represents most commodities used by SJCSD, utility bills for natural gas are tracked outside of our energy data management software. We are working to eventually include all commodities in this program/software.
Utility Summary by School
Electric Cost Summary by School Type
Water Cost Summary by School Type

Contact Information

If you have any questions about information provided in these Dashboards, please contact the Energy Manager.

Val Kovalenko
Energy Manager 
Office: (904) 547-8161
[email protected]

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