Middle School Arts

All County Middle School Art Show 2020

The 2019-2020 school year marked the 10th anniversary of St. Johns County School District’s partnership with the St Augustine Art Association (STAAA), but without public access to the gallery we were not able to host a physical show. As an alternative, STAAA hosted a virtual show on their website last Spring and displayed the work of our middle school artists. This year’s show saw 100% participation from our 13 schools and 18 teachers with middle school art programs and included over 80 works featuring a variety of mediums and artistic expressions. Below are just a few selected images representing each of our Academies and Middle Schools.

Crimestoppers Poster Contest 2020

The poster contest works to motivate students to report any information they may have regarding violence that has happened or may happen in hopes of preventing potential school violence. This year’s theme was See It, Say it, Stop It!

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