Battle of the Books


Battle of the Books (BotB) is a reading incentive program for students in third through twelfth grades.

The Battle questions are selected from the Sunshine State Young Readers Award (SSYRA) books each year for elementary and middle schools.  Battle questions for high school students are selected from the Florida Teens Read state list.

At the elementary level the schools are divided geographically for the competition. This is due to the popularity of the event and the large number of schools participating.

Southern Elementary Battle of the Books Schools: Wards Creek Elementary, Mill Creek Elementary, Palencia Elementary, Crookshank Elementary, Osceola Elementary, Ketterlinus Elementary, Mason Elementary, South Woods Elementary, Hartley Elementary, R.B Hunt Elementary, and the Webster School

Northern Elementary Battle of the Books Schools: PV/PV Rawlings, Ocean Palms, Valley Ridge Academy, Durbin Creek Elementary, Julington Creek Elementary, Liberty Pines Academy, Patriot Oaks Academy, Timberlin Creek Elementary, Cunningham Creek, and Hickory Creek

Competition Format

  • The main competition features 3 to 4 rounds of questions with each correct question worth 1 point. In the event of a tie after the initial rounds, tied teams participate in a tie breaker round.
  • Teams are seated either at tables or in small clusters of chairs designated with the school name on stage or in front of the stage.
  • Each participating team member is given a list with the names of the books on it and a device to input the answer to the question.  One team member is designated to select and input the answer agreed upon by the team. Teams have 30 seconds after the question is read to discuss and choose an answer.
  • If the designee fails to select an answer in 30 seconds, the team forfeits the points available for the question.
  • Media services personnel circulate among the teams to make sure that everything is working as it should be, ask the questions, and keep score.
  • The team with the most points is declared the winner.
  • The winning team from each level receives the district “Battle of the Books” trophy that is kept at the team’s school until the following year’s competition when it will be awarded to the next year’s team for safe keeping.
  • The winning team returns the trophy to the next year’s battle and the competition continues!

Past Winners

Year Elementary Winner (North County) Elementary Winner (South County) Middle School Winner High School Winner
2006/2007 PVPV/Rawlings R.B. Hunt Gamble Rogers Bartram Trail
2007/2008 Julington Creek The Webster School Switzerland Point Bartram Trail
2008/2009 Hickory Creek The Webster School Switzerland Point Creekside
2009/2010 Hickory Creek The Webster School Pacetti Bay Ponte Vedra
2010/2011 Hickory Creek The Webster School Switzerland Point Nease
2011/2012 Hickory Creek Mason Switzerland Point Creekside
2012/2013 PVPV Palencia Switzerland Point Creekside
2013/2014 Timberlin Creek and Durbin Creek Palencia and South Woods Switzerland Point Nease
2014/2015 Durbin Creek Mason Switzerland Point Ponte Vedra
2015/2016 Durbin Creek South Woods Patriot Oaks Creekside