Instructional Resources and Media Services

Looking for Jim Harbin?

The Jim Harbin Media Festival is now run by the Video Production Department. Visit their website for details about the Jim Harbin Student Media Festival.

Our Mission

The Instructional Resources and Media Services Department will develop, implement, and improve district wide instructional technology, resources and media services that enhance teaching, foster learning, and develop essential life skills for all students.

Kimberly Clark-Dixon

Director of Instructional Resources and Media Services
(904) 547-3948

(904) 547-3950 (FAX)

Erica Jackson

Executive Secretary
(904) 547-3947

(904)547-3950 (Fax)


Shelley Hall

Textbook Assistant
(904) 547-3951

(904)547-3950 (Fax)

Rita Fullerton

Confidential Staff Secretary
(904) 547-3993

(904)547-3950 (Fax)

Brock O’Shell

Applied Technology Program Specialist
(904) 547-3994

(904)547-3950 (Fax)


Amanda Bergamasco

Curriculum Resource Specialist, AVID District Director
(904) 547-4864

(904)547-3950 (Fax)

Lorrie Cosgrove

Program Specialist for Instructional Media
(904) 547-3944

(904)547-3950 (Fax)