Planning, Accountability and Assessment Update – October 2017


Each school in the district has a School Advisory Council (SAC). The SAC meets monthly during the school year and provides input to the principal for making decisions related to the school budget and school improvement. Parents, school faculty/staff and community members are encouraged to participate in their school’s SAC. Please contact your school’s SAC chair for more information about getting involved. Also, each school develops a School Improvement Plan (SIP). SIPs will be posted for the public to view at in September. Principals are presenting their SIPs to the School Board on September 19, 21 and 25.

2017-18 is an accreditation review year for the St Johns County School District. Schools will be administering surveys, collecting classroom data and completing reflections throughout the fall semester. The Planning, Accountability and Assessment Department looks forward to hosting a team from the district’s accrediting body, Advanc-Ed in April 2018.


Diagnostic iReady testing is currently underway at all elementary, middle and K-8 schools. The testing window opened August 21 and closed September 15. The test is being administered to all students enrolled in grades K-8 for both reading and math, and the results will provide valuable data for our teachers and schools.