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Classroom Additions to Wards Creek Elementary School

Scope of Project: This project is comprised of classroom additions to Wards Creek Elementary School located at 6555 State Road 16 in northwest St. Johns County and is being constructed as part of the District’s Five-Year Building Plan. The eight (8) classroom addition is an approximately 15,000 s.f., “house” of similar configuration to the existing prototype elementary school classroom “houses” (which includes Wards Creek Elementary School) and has been designed and located on the existing campus to complement the existing school layout and configuration. The classroom additions will provide permanent replacement student stations which were lost due to the Class Size Amendment and has been designed to provide both traditional and non-traditional settings. Classroom areas will accommodate groupings of multi-age students using teaching teams, as well as more traditional same-sized groupings. ~Movable walls opening to a common work area will allow for flexible-sized spaces in this “house” design concept. ~This feature will enable teachers and paraprofessionals to work cooperatively to facilitate learning for students through a variety of activities. These classroom additions will include state of the art instructional technology.

Total Project Budget: $3,432,000 (includes construction cost, site work, professional services, furniture and equipment)

Funding Source: State and Local Tax Revenues

Estimated Date of Completion: The project is scheduled to be completed in January 2010


Daimwood Derryberry Pavelchak Architects (DDP)
390 Wilma Street Longwood, Fl 32750
Phil Daimwood
Imy Martinez


Pat Cook Construction, Inc.
1904 Manatee Ave, Suite 300
Bradenton, FL 34205
Mark Coyne

Note: For additional information, please contact Tim Forson, Associate Superintendent for School Operations, St. Johns County School District, 40 Orange Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084, (904) 547-7670

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