High School “HHH”

This High School will serve grades 9-12 and will be located on an approximately  69 acre site located on International Golf Parkway in northwest St. Johns County and will accommodate approximately 2,100 students.  This school was designed by utilizing a reuse of a middle/high school from another school district that was adapted to the best practices of the St. Johns County School District.  It is comprised of five separate buildings surrounding a secure courtyard.  These five buildings comprise the following Administration/Media Center; Auditorium, Gymnasium, Cafeteria and a Classroom Building.   The construction of High School “HHH” will be funded through Certificates of Participation (COPs).  This high school is expected to be completed in the summer of 2021 and open for the 2021-2022 school year.


High School “HHH”

11200 St. Johns Parkway   St. Augustine, Fl. 32092



High School HHH Site Plan 10.08.19


High School ” HHH” Renderings


 Administration/Media Center









 Academic Building






High School HHH Virtual Tour


Timeline for High School HHH

  • Fall 2019          Design & Permitting
  • Winter 2020    Construction Begins
  •  Winter 2020    Attendance Zoning Begins
  • Spring 2020     Attendance Zoning Finalized
  • Summer 2020  Construction Continues
  • Fall 2020           Principal Selected
  •  Fall 2020           School Community Building
  • Winter 2021      School Naming, School Colors & School Mascot
  • Winter 2021      Principal begins hiring Teachers and Staff
  • Spring 2021      Hiring continues
  • Summer 2021   School Opens

K-8 School “MM”

805 Pine Island Road  St. Augustine Florida 32095

This school serves kindergarten through 8th grade and will be located on approximately 25 acres on Pine Island Road within the Nocatee development in northeast St. Johns County.  It will accommodate approximately 1500 students.  This school has been designed to provide both traditional and non-traditional settings.  Classroom areas accommodate groupings by grade or as multi-age students using teaching teams.  Moveable walls between classroom pairs facilitate the team teaching approach.  Common area with computer labs and kitchen areas allow for flexibility of instructional methods and group learning activities.  These features enable teachers and paraprofessional t work cooperatively to facilitate learning for students through a variety of methods.  This schools’ spaces include 32 primary classrooms; 22 intermediate classrooms; 6 science labs; resources rooms; skills labs; exceptional education spaces, art rooms; music rooms; physical education spaces; vocational education labs; a media center and support spaces; an administrative suite; food service and dining facilities; stage; multipurpose room; student and public restrooms; and custodial spaces.  K-8 School “MM” will be funded through a combination of the Half-Cent Sales Surtax, School Impact Fees and Certificates of Participation (COPs).  The school is expected to be completed in the summer of 2021 and open for the 2021-2022 school year.



Pine Island Site Conceptual 9.24.19


K-8 School “MM” Conceptual Site Plan 11.5.19





K-8 School “MM” Renderings

Timeline for K-8 School MM

  • Fall 2019          Design & Permitting
  • Winter 2020   Construction Begins
  • Spring 2020    Construction Continues
  • Summer 2020 Construction Continues
  • Fall 2020          Attendance Zoning Begins
  • Winter 2021     Attendance Zone Finalized
  • Winter 2021     Principal Selected
  • Winter 2021     School Community Building
  • Spring 2021     School Naming, School Colors & School Mascot
  • Spring 2021     Principal begins hiring Teachers and Staff
  • Summer 2021  School Opens

Liberty Pines Academy- Classroom Expansion  

   Liberty Pines Academy is located on Russell Sampson Road in northwest St. Johns County.  A classroom expansion for the school was included on the Half-Cent Sales Tax Critically Needed Project List and will be funded by Sales Tax.  This new two-story classroom addition will be located at the rear of the school behind the two-story middle school portion of the existing building.  An architectural contract with Harvard Jolly Architecture (formerly Tercilla Courtemanche Architects) was approved at the April 9, 2019 School Board meeting for the reuse of our current K-8 prototype design.  There will be 20 classrooms in the addition, which will increase the permanent school capacity by 44o students.  The addition will feature movable walls between two-classroom teams, as well as extended learning areas and state of the art technology.  The facility is projected to open for the 2020-2021 School Year.


Liberty Pines Academy Classroom Addition June 20, 2020


LPA Classroom Addition June 20, 2020




LPA Classroom Addition June 20, 2020