School Calendar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The St. Johns County School District Calendar is developed by a Calendar Committee that is comprised of parents, teachers, school district staff, support staff and union representatives.  The committee meets multiple times annually, under the direction of the Associate Superintendent for Human Resources. This committee ensures that all statutory requirements are met for the issuance of course credits, instructional minutes, observance of appropriate holidays, teacher planning time, etc.

The committee’s recommendation is presented to the Superintendent (School Board Rule 3.18) who then forwards it to the School Board Members. The calendar is presented at a school board workshop and voted on at one of their monthly meetings.

SJCSD School Calendars must meet the following requirements:

  • Earliest start time is August 10.   (Florida Statute 1001.42 (f))
  • Total number of school days equivalent to 180   (Florida Statute 1003.02 (14.g.1.))
  • 90 Days each semester
  • Past practice has been to end the first semester prior to winter break
  • High School Credit – 135 hours = 1 full credit (State Statute 1003.436)
  • Must have 8 Teacher Planning days – 4 during pre-planning, 1 at the end of each quarter (SJEA Contract 2014-17, Article XV)
  • Must have 2 Teacher In-service days per year for Professional Development – one in each semester (SJEA Contract 2014-17, Article XV)
  • Must be in school on the designated Department of Education Full Time Equivalent (FTE) survey week. This is when a snapshot is taken of our student enrollment and attendance over a course of 11 days.
  • National holidays are considered as the calendar is created.
  • The Calendar Committee solicits feedback from the public on proposed calendars before submitting them to the School Board for approval.  This is done through a survey posted on the school district website.
  • Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below to learn more about the parameters associated with the development of the school calendar.
Q: Is there a minimum number of teaching days required by the state?
Q: Why does school always seem to start on August 10?
Q: Why can’t we start later, closer to Labor Day?
Q: Why are there so many planning days?
Q: Why have Early Release every Wednesday?
Q: Why isn’t our Spring Break the same as surrounding counties (such as Duval, Clay, Putnam) and/or the same as St. Johns River State College, local private schools, Flagler College, University of North Florida, etc.?
Q: Why can’t we have the whole week of Thanksgiving off?
Q: Why don’t we get Columbus Day off? That is a very common three-day weekend in other states.
Q: Why does the first semester always end before winter break?
Q: Why can’t we have the same schedule for spring break every year?
Q: How can I find state testing dates for my child?
Q: Can we move the FSA testing dates?
Q: When will high school graduations be held?
Q: Are there hurricane make up days in our calendar?
Q: How are parents involved in the process?
Q: When is the school year calendar approved?