Background Screening

Important Notice

An individual who is the subject of a “National Background” check and has a question related to his/her background check regarding:

  • a copy of that report
  • Need to request a change
  • Has a record challenge
  • Needs to update FBI identification record

Please contact the FBI directly at the following phone number.

(304) 625-5590
visit the FBI website

Florida law requires school district employees to undergo a criminal background check to clear them for employment. Likewise, the law requires noninstructional contractors and vendors to undergo a criminal background check for clearance to work at schools.

School Board Rule 6.104 governs the background screening of prospective District employees. It describes the procedure for screening and lists the offenses that will or may disqualify a person from employment by the District.

School Board Rule 7.142 governs the background screening of noninstructional contractors and vendors.

Links to the School Board background screening rules are available in the list of links on the left.

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