SWD Point Opportunities

How Can I Earn the SWD Points for Certification Renewal? (You need 20 SWD Points EVERY five years)

*Please Note* You may only earn credit ONCE for a course!

Throughout the school year there will be varied opportunities to attend workshops or other learning opportunities that may count towards the 20 SWD points needed to renew your teaching certificate.

You should always check your SJCSD PD Transcript to make sure you have not previously taken a course.  The quick way to tell if the learning opportunity counts is to look at the Course Name which is a 7-Digit number.  If the 7-Digit number is followed by an E, then the course counts.

The following are specific courses that have been designed to help you fulfill this requirement:

Available Through: How to Access: Course(s) Available: Number of SWD Points: How to Earn Credit: Who Can Take This:   (Employees, Non-Employees, or Both)
FLDOE http://www.fl.nesinc.com/ Exceptional Student Education k-12 Subject Area Exam 20 Take and pass the exam.  Add the subject area to your Florida Teacher Certificate within your current validity period. Both
Vanderbilt iris.peabody https://inside.stjohns.k12.fl.us/pd/ese/ Module 1 Accommodations-Instructional and Testing Supports for Students with Disabilities 5

1. Complete the course online module (Part I)

2.  Complete the written assignments (Parts II and III)

3.  Print the Verification Form

4.  Submit all work and verification form to school ILC or Principal

5.  ILC or Principal will email PD to notify of your completion

6.  Please allow up to two weeks for points to reflect upon your SJCSD PD Transcript

*These courses may be taken at any time throughout the school year.

https://inside.stjohns.k12.fl.us/pd/ese/ Module 2 Differentiated Instruction-Maximizing the Learning 10 Employees
https://inside.stjohns.k12.fl.us/pd/ese/ Module 3 Addressing Disruptive and Noncompliant Behaviors (Part 1) Understanding the Acting-Out Cycle 5 Employees
https://inside.stjohns.k12.fl.us/pd/ese/ Module 4 Behavior and Classroom Management Addressing Disruptive & Noncompliant Behaviors (Part 2) 5 Employees

BEESS/FDLRS: Professional Development Alternatives

Independent Study

https://fl-pda.org DeafEd Express 6

1.  Go to:  https://fl-pda.org

2.  Go to:  Independent Courses

3.  Click:  Sign In  (If you don’t have a FDLRS account, click Register and create a free account)

4.  Scroll through: Course Catalog

5.  Click: Enroll for the course you want to take

6.  Complete the course online

7.  Complete the written task

8.  Submit the written task and the verification form to a school Principal or ILC for review

9.  Upload the signed verification form as your last assignment into the course

10.  Complete the Course Survey

11.  Save your Certificate of Completion

12.  Submit the Certificate of Completion to the Professional Learning Department

*These courses may be taken at any time throughout the school year.

https://fl-pda.org Effective Teaching Practices for SWDs 20 Both
https://fl-pda.org Emotional/Behavioral Disability:  An Introduction 8 Both
https://fl-pda.org Inclusive Practices for the Developmentally Appropriate Pre-K Classroom 10 Both
https://fl-pda.org Integrating Student Services for Inclusive Schools 20 Both
https://fl-pda.org Language Reading Connection For Deaf/Hard of Hearing 10 Both
https://fl-pda.org Leadership for Inclusion of Students with Disabilities 20 Both
https://fl-pda.org Leading Within an MTSS 5 Both
https://fl-pda.org Math, Difficulties, Disabilities, & Dyscalculia 7 Both
https://fl-pda.org Positive Behavior Interventions and Support and the Classroom 20 Both
https://fl-pda.org Reading, Differentiation, Disabilities, & Dyslexia 20 Both
https://fl-pda.org Secondary Transition (revised) 20 Both
https://fl-pda.org Teaching Students with Disabilities 20 Both
https://fl-pda.org Teaching Students with Disabilities for Physical Education 20 Both
https://fl-pda.org Teaching Students with Disabilities in the Fine Arts 20 Both
https://fl-pda.org Usher Syndrome Screening 5 Both
https://fl-pda.org Universal Design for Learning K-12 Lesson Plans 5 Both

BEESS/FDLRS: Professional Development Alternatives

Facilitated Courses

– Only Available between July 1 – May 1 each school year.  Be sure to check schedule!

https://fl-pda.org Assessment and Evaluation (A&E) 60

1.  Go to:  https://fl-pda.org

2.  Go to:  Facilitated Courses

3.  Click: Search Course Availability

4.  Choose a Course and Select NEFEC for the Center

5.  Click: Search (If nothing appears, then there are no scheduled courses available at this time.)

6.  To Register for a Course:  https://www.fdlrsnefec.org/hrd/bese-portal-professional-development-alternatives

7.  Complete the course according to the guidelines provided by your course facilitator

8.  Complete the Course Survey

9.  Receive the Certificate of Completion from your course facilitator

10.  Submit the Certificate of Completion to the Professional Learning Department


https://fl-pda.org Components of Secondary Transition 60 Employees
https://fl-pda.org Instructional Practices (IP) 60 Employees
https://fl-pda.org PBS: Understanding Student Behavior (PBS) 60 Employees
https://fl-pda.org Differentiating Math Instruction (DMI) 30 Employees
https://fl-pda.org Differentiating Science InStruction (DSI) 30 Employees
https://fl-pda.org Engaging Learners Through Informative Assessment 20 Employees
https://fl-pda.org Introduction to Assistive Technology (IAT) 20 Employees
https://fl-pda.org Introduction to Differentiating Instruction (IDI) 20 Employees
https://fl-pda.org Technology for the Diverse Classroom (TDC) 20 Employees
https://fl-pda.org Technology to Support Reading Comprehension (TSRC) 20 Employees


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