Instructional Continuity Plan

Online Learning

Update from Superintendent Forson, May 27th

Dear SJCSD Parents and Guardians,

Today marks the end of the school year. The end of this school year has been like no other with the impact of COVID-19. As we begin to plan for August and a new school year, we need your input. Please visit to take a brief survey that I would like you to complete. Please complete a separate survey for each of your children. This is relative to our school district unlike the previous survey sent to all districts by the Florida Department of Education. There will likely be additional surveys this summer that will be sent to you as we refine the operational plan for the new school year. Thank you for your continued support and input.


Tim Forson
Superintendent of Schools
St. Johns County School District

Secondary Grading Update

Dear Parents and Guardians of Students in Grades 6-12,

I hope that all of you are staying safe. As we move toward the end of the 2019-2020 school year, I would like to share some additional information regarding 4th quarter grading.

The following protocols are now in place to ensure our goal to exercise care and compassion for our students. Our intent is to recognize the challenges of the sudden move to distance learning, but also to be clear that students are expected to engage in learning during the 4th quarter.

For middle school students who are demonstrating their best work, attempting assignments and communicating with teachers, grades will be addressed as follows:

  • Yearlong courses: the Q4 grade will be no lower than average of Q1, Q2 & Q3.
  • Second semester middle school courses: the Q4 grade will be no lower than the Q3 grade.
  • High school courses taken in middle school: refer to the high school student section below

For high school students who are demonstrating their best work, attempting assignments and communicating with teachers, grades will be addressed as follows:

  • Yearlong courses that have an EOC exam: the Q4 grade will be no lower than the average of Q1, Q2 & Q3.
  • All other high school courses: the Q4 grade will be no lower than the Q3 grade.

For any student in grades 6-12, who willfully refuses to complete schoolwork during the 4th quarter, teachers may, in consultation with the principal, assign an F for Q4. The F will be recorded as a 59%.

Algebra 1

For students enrolled in Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 Honors during the 2019-2020 school year, the requirement to take the EOC and the requirement that the EOC counts as 30% of the final grade have been waived. However, there is still a math graduation requirement that must be met via one of the following options: passing score on a future Algebra 1 EOC, passing score on a future Geometry EOC, approved math concordant score on the PSAT/NMSQT, ACT or SAT.

SJCSD Students who take the Algebra 1 EOC during the summer 2020 administration or the fall 2020 administration will be eligible for the opportunity to include the EOC score in the Algebra 1 grade. Only if the score raises the final grade, will the grade be changed. Testing date information will be provided by each school.

Thank you for supporting your children with online learning! Our success has been a team effort and from my seat, SJCSD teachers, parents and students have been virtually amazing!


Tim Forson

Florida Education Impact Survey

Good afternoon SJCSD Parents, Guardians and Employees:

The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) has launched a vitally important education impact survey for Florida educators and parents to share their thoughts and opinions on recent crisis response from the Florida Department of Education, their local school district, and their school. This feedback will help us achieve our number one goal of keeping Florida’s students safe while ensuring they continue to receive the best education in the nation.

This short, 2-minute survey, is intended to be completed by parents, educators and students throughout Florida to include and incorporate their opinions on the next steps for education due to COVID-19.

This survey does not request any personal information and your answers will remain strictly anonymous.

Please help FDOE by sharing your opinion on how to move forward, together, to mitigate the spread and to reach out number one goal – ensuring Florida students continue to receive a great education.

Access the survey here.

To participate in the survey, please use the link above. If you were forwarded a link to the survey from another source, you will not be able to participate.


Jacob Oliva
Florida Department of Education

Distance Learning Will Continue Through the End of the School Year

Dear SJCSD Parents and Guardians,

Governor DeSantis announced today in a press conference at 4:30 p.m. that all districts will continue distance learning through the remainder of the school year. We remain committed and dedicated to helping your children attain success and finish strong in this virtual environment.

Thank you for you continued support, patience and understanding.

Update from Superintendent Forson, April 17

Dear SJCSD Parents,

I hope that you and your child are becoming more confident and comfortable in this virtual environment. If you recall, we began this online learning at the beginning of the fourth grading period and teachers continue to review and assess work completed in this virtual model.

There are several adjustments to grading that will be implemented this grading period. I am also providing some clarification to other related issues such as interim reports, final exams, and promotion. The documents included on this web page provide information that you should find helpful.


While we have not received guidance from the state regarding a recommendation to end school closures on May 1, we will continue to communicate what we know in a timely manner.

Working together,

Tim Forson
Superintendent of Schools
St. Johns County School District

Instructional Continuity Plan

Dear St. Johns County Schools Community,

The St. Johns County School District has embraced the challenge of transitioning to an online/remote learning environment as a response to the COVID-19 threat worldwide and more specifically in our own community.

This document, The Instructional Continuity Plan, is designed specifically for this situation we are facing in 2020 and is designed to provide information for parents and employees. Therefore, some topics included in this document will not apply to everyone but are specifically developed to assist in the implementation of an online/remote educational system. I encourage you to review the Table of Contents to find information that may support your role in this learning process.

Throughout this document you will read references to distance learning, online learning, and/or remote learning opportunities. Technology will play a primary, vital role in this system. While not all student learning will require internet or technology to complete, all communication will take place through technology. This is a shift in the way we perceive the classroom for all teachers, students, and parents. While this plan is a guide for implementation of online instruction, there will be adjustments as implementation proceeds. As always, we will focus on student learning first as we make the necessary modifications.


Tim Forson
Superintendent of Schools
St. Johns County School District

Online Learning Presentation

Parents  – please watch the following presentation for an overview of the online learning which will take place in the coming weeks.

This presentation includes audio. Please make sure to use your computer’s speakers or headphones with the volume turned up.

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