Instructional Continuity Plan

Online Learning

Distance Learning for Elementary Students

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Distance Learning for Secondary Students

Early Childhood Services - School Based Distance Learning Schedule

Instructional Continuity Plan

Dear St. Johns County Schools Community,

The St. Johns County School District has embraced the challenge of transitioning to an online/remote learning environment as a response to the COVID-19 threat worldwide and more specifically in our own community.

This document, The Instructional Continuity Plan, is designed specifically for this situation we are facing in 2020 and is designed to provide information for parents and employees. Therefore, some topics included in this document will not apply to everyone but are specifically developed to assist in the implementation of an online/remote educational system. I encourage you to review the Table of Contents to find information that may support your role in this learning process.

Throughout this document you will read references to distance learning, online learning, and/or remote learning opportunities. Technology will play a primary, vital role in this system. While not all student learning will require internet or technology to complete, all communication will take place through technology. This is a shift in the way we perceive the classroom for all teachers, students, and parents. While this plan is a guide for implementation of online instruction, there will be adjustments as implementation proceeds. As always, we will focus on student learning first as we make the necessary modifications.


Tim Forson
Superintendent of Schools
St. Johns County School District