Extreme Heat Protocols for Schools

When outdoor temperature exceeds 85 degrees, school leaders will monitor and communicate decisions regarding outdoor activities for K-12 Physical Education, K-12 School Sponsored Activities, Recess and Extended Day. The heat index (“real feel/feels like”) will guide decisions.  What is heat index? How hot it feels to the body when the air temperature (in Fahrenheit) and relative humidity are combined.  Also known as “real feel” or “feels like.”  SJCSD will use the National Weather Service St. Augustine FL forecast as our resource for heat index temperatures.

Heat Index Guide

Designed to help protect students from incurring heat-related illnesses or problems, school personnel will reference the Heat Index Guide to modify and/or suspend outdoor activities. This guide applies to K-12 Physical Education, K-12 School Sponsored Activities, K-5 Recess and Extended Day.  High School Athletics and Marching Band must reference the Zachary Martin Act linked below.

  • heat index is less than 95 degrees – Normal outdoor activities
  • heat index is 95 to 98 degrees – Outdoor activities should be limited or may be cancelled
  • heat index is 99 degrees or above – Outdoor activities will be cancelled.

Playground equipment must be considered.  Is it too hot for students to touch?

Hydration should be encouraged frequently before, during and after outdoor activities.

Medical Conditions must be considered.

If students are outdoors, teachers should be aware of medical conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, allergies, medications, or other conditions which may place students at higher risk for heat-related illness. Students should not be outside if the parent has advised the school their child should not participate in outdoor activities due to the possibility of heat-related illness.


Students may possess and use a topical sunscreen product while on school property without a physician note or prescription if it is approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration for over-the-counter use.


Athletics & Marching Band

All teams are required to follow the Zachary Martin Act.