Elementary Mathematics

Andrea Dieckman
Program Specialist for Elementary Mathematics
[email protected]
(904) 547-7745

clip_image002It is our goal that your child leave elementary school proficient and confident in his/her ability to think and reason mathematically, to communicate and represent his/her mathematical thinking, and to productively solve problems. Our math curriculum is based on Mathematics Florida Standards. These standards for mathematics form the foundation for kindergarten mathematics and beyond. These standards are taught and assessed in Grades K – 5.

enVision Florida Mathematics by SAVVAS Learning Company is the adopted math text resource for Grades K–5.

Please check out and use the public Year-at-a-Glance to help your child get a feeling for the understanding needed with our new Florida Standards.

To assist your child at home with mathematics, try some of these strategies.

Ask your child to:

  • Draw a picture or diagram
  • Reread the problems and restate it in your own words
  • Use a manipulative—everyday objects such as paper clips, toothpicks, pennies, etc.
  • Think of a similar problem
  • Cross out any unnecessary information
  • Keep a math journal to record thoughts and work while tackling challenging math

Conversation Starters:

  • When a problem is hard, I…………
  • The strategy I’m confused about……
  • The most important thing I learned today is……
  • Something useful I learned today is…………
  • Questions I asked today were………………
  • The easiest/hardest part of the problem is……

clip_image03Your home is a great place to begin to explore and “talk”mathematics with your child. Incorporating math activities and language into familiar daily routines will show your child how math works in everyday life. Play board games, solve puzzles, and ponder brain teasers with your child. Your child will enjoy these kinds of activities while enhancing his/ her mathematical thinking. Point out the mathematics involved, and have your child discuss the strategies he /she used. For more tips on helping your child succeed in mathematics, visit the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics at https://www.nctm.org/crcc/.

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