Student Data Collected by Online Providers

The St. Johns County School District takes great care to protect both Student and Staff data from unauthorized release or exposure.  To that end, we have established a Student Data Privacy Agreement (SDPA) with vendors/providers/operators who use or collect Student Data as part of their online service.  Some providers located in Europe comply with the GDPR regulations on Data Protection and Privacy and may not agree to the US National SDPA.

The District’s SDPA is modeled after the Student Data Privacy Consortium’s National agreement.  This consortium is part of the Access 4 Learning international organization.  The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) is a unique collaborative of schools, districts, regional, territories and state agencies, policy makers, trade organizations and marketplace providers addressing real-world, adaptable, and implementable solutions to growing data privacy concerns.  Florida DOE has also endorsed the Student Data Privacy Consortium.

SDPA’s are established with active District online providers and uploaded to the Student Data Privacy Consortium website and listed by Provider name and/or Software product name.

Parents/Guardians can visit the Student Data Privacy Consortium website to view the District’s Student Data Privacy agreements that included the following:

  • The privacy agreement terms and conditions.
  • The student data elements collected by the online service provider.
  • Data disposition and retention rules.
  • The Provider contact information.
  • Product description, Provider website.

Visit the Student Data Privacy Consortium’s website to view the SDPA’s established by St. Johns County School District.

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