Mobile Device Specifications


*For the purpose of BYOD use in class, Smartphones are allowable at the direction of the teacher, but are not considered a suitable replacement for a tablet or laptop.
*Android and/or Chromebook devices may be used, however, not all district applications are compatible with these devices (and operating systems).

Additional Recommendations:

Touch Screen, Minimal weight, Minimum 3 year warranty, Accidental loss and/or damage insurance, a protective case, Antivirus/Antimalware Software
*Microsoft Office does NOT need to be purchased as it is freely available to students

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For reference the District uses the following devices in classrooms:

  • Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi (64GB-128GB) (Grades K-2)
  • Lenovo 500W Yoga Touch (Win10) (8GB, 128GB SSD) (Grades K-5)
  • Lenovo 11e Yoga Touch (Win10) (4GB, 128 GB SSD) (Grades K-12)
  • 13W Yoga Touch (Win10) (8GB, 256GB SSD) (Grades 6-12)
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