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Business and Fiscal Services Update

This update comes with the sincere gratitude of the School Board, Superintendent and the entire district as the Business and Fiscal Services Department announces the retirement of Mr. Darrell Colee, budget director, and welcomes Mrs. Cathy Weber to that role.

Mr. Colee has guided the district’s budget for almost four decades, beginning in April 1984 as a finance accountant. When he started, St. Johns County School District operated just 15 schools serving about 8,500 students. Beginning teachers’ salaries were $15,600, and the district had a total of 1,173 employees. Today our schools total 40 with over 42,000 students, 5,000 employees and our county continues to grow.

Mrs. Weber has served the students and staff of St. Johns County since March 2000. She began her career here as a certification specialist and currently serves as director of salaries and benefits and as chief negotiator for our district.

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Colee and Mrs. Weber and wishing them both the very best in the years to come.

SOUPer Bowl

This year’s SOUPer Bowl, an annual event created by Allen D. Nease High School students to raise awareness of student hunger in St. Johns County, saw four of our very own Food and Nutrition Services managers — Kathleen Damiano, Marie LaMarre, Yasmin Taylor and Teresa Spengler-Butrimas — volunteering for this worthwhile cause.  In addition, the Palencia Elementary School Culinary and Garden Club, sponsored by Ms. Damiano, entered a delightful “Chicken Tortellini Soup” for all to enjoy!

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