Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) Information

For the 2019-2020 school year, the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) for grades 3-6 ELA and grades 3-6 Mathematics, as well as the Statewide Science Assessment for grades 5 & 8, will continue to be administered as paper-based tests.  All other state assessments, to include FSA ELA grades 7-10, FSA Mathematics grades 7-8, and all EOCs (FSA Algebra 1, FSA Geometry, NGSSS Biology, NGSSS Civics and NGSSS U.S. History), will continue to be administered on computer.  Testing for these assessments will take place this April and May.  Prior to the start of the testing window, students who will be taking a computer-based statewide assessment will participate in an online practice test in order to become familiar with the platform and the tools and resources that are available during the test.

In addition to the aforementioned assessments, this spring there will also be statewide assessments for English Language Learners and students on an alternate curriculum, as well as district determined assessments (i-Ready and final exams) that will be administered for many of the courses/grade levels that are not covered by state assessments.

School assessment coordinators are in the process of being trained on test security and testing procedures, and they will in-turn provide the proper training to the staff at their school.  In preparation for computer-based testing, secondary schools are also in the process of completing infrastructure trials to ensure that all of the computers/devices that will be used for testing have the correct software installed and are working properly and to ensure the network capacity at their school is also ready to handle the volume of computer-based testing.

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